WorldCast Systems’ leading Audemat brand offers a powerful RDS Server

  • 23 March, 2022


FRA: WorldCast Systems, a leading global supplier of advanced broadcast solutions, announces the release of a new RDS Server. In this interconnected age, with so many different ways to interact with listeners, broadcasters need tools to facilitate the retrieval, processing and delivery of increasingly complex data streams. Recognizing these needs, the RDS experts at WorldCast Systems have designed a solution that expands the boundaries of managing RDS and other metadata while remaining easy to use with any type of encoder network or delivery system.

The offering is centered around a new software product called the Audemat RDS Server. It is designed to collect data from automation software, satellite receivers, local web servers or even the internet, and it offers almost infinite content possibilities. Broadcasters can easily distribute advertising content, weather, breaking news and more. Aggregating, processing and distributing data in UECP to an entire fleet of up to 500 RDS encoders and other delivery devices is now made easier than ever before. The RDS Server can deliver promotional content to be displayed directly on the RDS, synchronized with the broadcast content, to enhance the value to advertisers.

Yoann Délas, Audemat Application Engineer at WorldCast Systems, said, “With the Audemat RDS Server, radio stations are able to develop new sources of income and increase audience loyalty thanks to rich and personalized content.”

The Audemat RDS Server integrates seamlessly with any encoder brand, but it is also designed to perfectly integrate into a WorldCast Systems ecosystem. The Audemat RDS Encoder completes the server by converting data into an accurate digital signal. It is also compatible with Ecreso FM transmitters, which come with their own built-in RDS encoder, to receive RDS server data using ASCII text. While getting the most out of their RDS data, broadcasters can also monitor, collect, and centralize the data from their UECP streams and other sources with WorldCast’s NMS software, Kybio.

As a founding and active member of the RDS Forum, WorldCast Systems is committed to the advancement of radio solutions and meets the highest standards of excellence based on over 25 years of experience in the field. The new Audemat RDS Server is the ultimate tool to ensure the most reliable distribution of RDS data throughout the broadcast chain. This solution is available for deployment.

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WorldCast Systems’ leading Audemat brand offers a powerful RDS Server