VSN launches VSNCreaCloud

  • 16 March, 2023


ESP: VSN takes VSNCrea to the next level with the launch of VSNCrea Cloud. Thanks to this 100% cloud-based SaaS service, the company's users and clients will be able to enjoy VSNCrea's content and advertising scheduling solution, taking advantage of all the benefits of a cloud environment.

With this launch, the company's customers can enjoy the flexibility of the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model, in which the user pays a subscription for the service. VSN will offer plans to enjoy VSNCrea Cloud from €990/month.

Furthermore, this cloud service has the advantage of not having to worry about the infrastructure and at the same time optimizing the costs of the service. Thanks to the cloud, VSN covers this need and the client does not have to commit to a long-term investment in its facilities. Moreover, thanks to this flexibility, the implementation of the service is quick and agile. All of this, counting on VSN's 24/7 support service behind service. In this way, the company reinforces its commitment to cloud environments and SaaS contracting service with VSNCrea Cloud.

"Our solutions have long been ready to work in 100% cloud environments. With VSNCrea Cloud, what we want is to respond to the growing need we see for a flexible and fast service. The goal is to bring that agility to our clients, while maintaining the quality of our content planning and advertising solution such as VSNCrea", commented Roberto Pascual, VSN's Global Sales Director.


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VSN launches VSNCreaCloud