VoiceInteraction presents its trusted solutions for the Broadcast Industry

  • 19 April, 2022


USA: VoiceInteraction is a product company dedicated to AI-Driven Speech Processing Technologies. Flexible, reliable, and assuring full compliance with FCC regulations, VoiceInteraction offers Automatic Closed Captioning, Transcription Automation and Media Monitoring solutions for the Broadcast Industry and will be exhibiting at NAB Show 2022, booth #W9711, presenting its market benchmark platforms.

VoiceInteraction’s relevant market presence in the Broadcast Industry has had close ties with NABShow since 2014. Trade shows such as this are the perfect opportunity to announce new versions of platforms and introduce prospective clients to our added-value Speech Processing solutions:  

Audimus.Media - Automatic Closed Captioning
Operating 24/7, with high accuracy and low latency. Available in over 30 languages, a new automatic translation feature, client-driven vocabularies, and on-top integrations. Broadcasters can rely on a low-risk return of investment while working within their premises with the best tools available in the market.

Audimus.Server - Transcription Automation
Automate your workflow with an innovative and cost-effective solution by importing any media asset and receiving a highly accurate transcript. Supporting multiple languages, automates document production, subtitling, language identification, and translation processes.

This turnkey solution will be presented through a new image: VoiceInteraction has been undergoing a reintroduction of our brand, in terms of graphic identity and a new .ai website. These changes not only represent a renewed commitment to R&D in Speech Processing Technologies, but also a guarantee that our presence in global markets will expand, reaching new potential partners and clients with a reimagined appearance.

Media Monitoring System - Compliance and Monitoring
A long-term 24/7 HD recording and monitoring solution for live content visualization and control. The platform oversees, alerts, and generates critical information - for the client’s network and local competitors - assuring Broadcast QoS, accessibility, and regulatory protocol compliance.

In parallel with products demonstrations on booth, VoiceInteraction is pleased to participate in this year's Connected Media IP speaking opportunities at NABShow. VoiceInteraction CEO João Neto will be participating in the debate A look at innovation and future trends in the TV Industry (W10619 CMIP Debate Theater, on Sunday April 24 at 2PM), as well as delivering a presentation on Pioneering AI-based Closed Captioning (W11300 CMIP Presentation Theater, on Monday April 25 at 12:40PM). 

VoiceInteraction currently supports 33 languages, having recently added Modern Standard Arabic, English with an Australian accent, and Malay, and are in the final stages of development for Korean and Hindi. This allows building a portfolio with over 500 clients worldwide, as work continues towards providing excellence in automated speech processing technologies for an array of business areas.

Visit VoiceInteraction at 2022 NAB Show, April 24-27 on Booth #W9711.


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VoiceInteraction presents its trusted solutions for the Broadcast Industry