Travel light with PAG’s Micro Charger

  • 04 November, 2022


PAG Micro Charger Kit                                                                        PAG Micro Charger & MPLV Batteries

UK: The PAGlink Micro Charger is the ideal location charger for V-Mount or Gold Mount camera batteries, when you want to travel as light as possible.

The ultra-compact charger and its accessories are small enough to fit in any camera bag.

The charger accepts 5-20V DC input, and can be powered from worldwide AC supplies, a 12V vehicle battery and even a 2A USB charger. The accessories for this are included, making it the ideal travel charging kit.

The Micro Charger will charge PAG batteries of any rated capacity, in any state of charge, individually or linked. At the end of a days shooting, simply link your batteries and connect the Micro Charger; by the morning the batteries will be fully charged and ready to go. Two fully discharged 99Wh batteries will be fully charged in 8 hours, three in 12 hours.

The charge status of each battery is shown on its individual display. The charger features LED indication of charging, final charging stage (last 10%), fully-charged, absent battery and faulty battery.

The PAG Micro Charger can be powered using its DC adaptor/PSU, compatible with worldwide AC supplies. Alternatively, it can be powered from a 12V vehicle battery, via the dashboard lighter socket, using the in-car power lead included. The charge times will be similar for each method. As a back-up option, the charger can be powered using a 2A USB wall-plug charger (a USB power lead is included).
Fully charging a 99Wh battery this way will take significantly longer.

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Travel light with PAG’s Micro Charger