Telos Alliance launches Jünger Audio AIXpressor

  • 22 July, 2022


USA: Telos Alliance - trusted global leader in broadcast audio for more than three decades and Jünger Audio, whose products represent the most technically advanced digital audio processors on the market, announced the release of the AIXpressor, Jünger Audio’s powerhouse audio processor with unparalleled power and incredible flexibility. AIXpressor combines a reliable hardware basis for real-time operation with the flexibility of software defined applications to deliver a whole new concept of audio processing.

Jünger Audio’s AIXpressor takes converting AoIP to and from other formats to a whole new level with Telos Alliance Livewire+, AES67, and SMPTE ST 2110-30 AoIP formats built-in, along with support for a vast array of traditional broadcast and audio interfaces including analog, MADI, AES3, and SDI. Even Audinate’s Dante® AoIP protocol can be supported. Powered by an x86 CPU based processor board, AIXpressor is Jünger Audio’s most flexible and advanced audio processing solution to date with almost unlimited possibilities and is open for future upgrades as technology evolves. The new processing core is powerful enough to perform audio processing, encoding, and decoding without any need for additional DSP cards or codec boards.

A new processing architecture, flexAI, makes deploying AIXpressor simple and easy to customize. The flexAI system can scale the processing power to an almost unfathomable level by using a new interface format, tieLight, to transport up to 1024 channels of audio virtually latency free to an additional processing unit such as the flexAIserver. New tools and applications can be created like plug-ins in a traditional DAW. This concept of software defined products enables us to create user specific audio solutions without considering the hardware as a primary factor. All flexAI based applications can run on the AIXpressor and Jünger Audio’s range of flexAIserver audio processing servers - or even on a spanned array of multiple units. With flexAI you decide on a system that suits your needs and offers a solution to your specific demands.

A premium black gloss design with the characteristic blue lit Jünger Audio company logo and all tools for daily operation - AIXpressor establishes an exciting symbiosis of form and function. The front panel is made of industrial strength glass and features a 16.5 cm wide touch sensitive display for easy operation and on-site supervision. A powerful headphone amplifier allows for signal monitoring and a USB host connector can be used for backups, configuration import or export of critical system data.

Considering its processing power and capabilities, AIXpressor is low on power consumption and helps reduce the carbon footprint of your facility.

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Telos Alliance launches Jünger Audio AIXpressor