PLAZAMEDIA and ARRI Install Mixed Reality Studio

  • 24 November, 2021


Pictured left - Stephan Schenk, ARRI and Jens Friedrichs, PLAZAMEDIA in the Mixed Reality Studio in Ismaning. ©ARRI/PLAZAMEDIA

GER: PLAZAMEDIA and ARRI are cooperating in the area of mixed reality: As part of the partnership, an 'LED Volume Studio' has been set up in Studio 6 at PLAZAMEDIA in Ismaning near Munich as a pilot project, initially until the end of November 2021, which is intended to set new standards for virtual applications. As a globally active film technology company, ARRI brings a wide range of experience in high-end film productions as well as in the design and engineering of mixed reality and TV studios to the project, while PLAZAMEDIA contributes its extensive know-how as a broadcast service provider.

The goal of the collaboration, which will last several months, is to adapt and optimize the complex mixed reality technology, which is becoming increasingly important in the film industry, in a way that is practical for TV productions. This will result in new applications, innovative graphic content, forward-looking lighting concepts and technical integrations, which will be used in pilot projects as a first step.

Mixed reality center of excellence created: PLAZAMEDIA and ARRI build innovative studio environment and involve additional partners
The two companies are collaborating on virtual production using the Unreal Engine to produce photorealistic, high-quality video content in real time. 

ARRI, as a leading provider of camera and lighting systems as well as holistic solutions for the global film and television industry, contributes basic technologies (sync, color calibration, metadata, lighting integration, lens measurements, etc.), system integration in the studio and an international network in regard to specialized partners. 

PLAZAMEDIA, as a full-service broadcast provider in the field of sports production, entertainment and events, contributes its expertise as a studio producer and established content producer in the areas of augmented reality and virtual production, as well as in workflow development, conception and realization of projects. In addition, PLAZAMEDIA provides Europe’s most modern, IP-based broadcast center with its freely scalable technology infrastructure for the project with ARRI.

The integration of further partners - including technology manufacturers, IT companies, directors and universities - will expand the exchange of experts directly on the object in the Ismaning studio. 

State-of-the-art environment: This is how the new mixed reality studio is equipped
The mixed reality installation in PLAZAMEDIA's Studio 6 at AGROB Medienpark in Ismaning, north of Munich and in the immediate vicinity of ARRI Rental, offers an area of 360 sqm and a height of seven meters. Integrated is a 120 sqm ROE Visual Diamond 2.6 LED wall with a length of 23 meters and a height of five meters. In addition, the studio is equipped with Mo-Sys Star Tracker System and Trackmen tracking system, has embedded the GhostFrame technology as optional tool, and as a graphic engine with the Unreal Engine 4.27 developed by Epic Games. 

The lighting concept includes the use of ARRI SkyPanel S60, ARRI Orbiter, ARRI L5 as well as grandMA Lighting and also enables automated, scene-specific lighting control as a special feature. The camera setup includes an ARRI ALEXA Mini LF kit with ARRI Signature Zoom lens, an ARRI AMIRA and Sony HDC-3500 cameras. The Stage is available with various 3D scenes. 

Stephan Schenk, General Manager Global Sales & Solutions at ARRI: “Together with PLAZAMEDIA, we are working on optimizing mixed reality for TV applications using ARRI’s camera and lighting systems. Already, we have all learned a lot. Now it’s a matter of further developing this fruitful cooperation and taking it to a new level.” 

Jens Friedrichs, Chairman of the Management Board of PLAZAMEDIA GmbH: “We have created a pilot project at the media capital Munich together with ARRI that is unique in this form and with which we want to set new standards for virtual applications. Many customers have already visited this mixed reality studio and some have expressed concrete interest in productions.”

From broadcasts to commercials to digital events: Mixed Reality Studio offers a wide range of possibilities for customers from different sectors
The use of mixed reality is ideal for media companies as well as for the advertising industry and the event and culture sector, which can realize their productions and events in a state-of-the-art environment.

In the broadcast area, both live and non-live formats can be realized, such as talk shows, magazines, sports broadcasts, esports shows, game and quiz shows, as well as TV links and moderation for various formats. In addition, classic film production and TV series/soaps as well as commercial film productions and on-air promotions can be implemented. An innovative mixed reality studio would also provide an optimal stage for music videos and concert livestreams, digital events, press conferences, photo shoots and social media content.

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PLAZAMEDIA and ARRI Install Mixed Reality Studio