OOONA and VoiceQ Plan Technology Integration

  • 30 January, 2023


ISL: OOONA, a global provider of professional management and production tools for the media localization industry, has announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with VoiceQ to streamline the script adaptation, editing and voice recording process for their respective clients. The partnership aims to offer VoiceQ’s dubbing capabilities within OOONA’s Integrated platform.

VoiceQ facilitates authentic storytelling between cultures by developing software that speeds up the dialogue creation and replacement process for television, film, video and gaming post production, enabling precise synchronization of audio assets. Its Digital Rythmoband feature provides voice talents with a karaoke-like experience, allowing them to deliver compelling performances, while its real-time reporting features allow directors and managers to accurately assess script volume and develop talent booking schedules. The New Zealand company has achieved global brand recognition by helping drive the English dubbing boom. It is trusted by over 270 dubbing studios and thousands of professionals worldwide.

“We have been following OOONA for a while now as several of our clients are loyal users and advocates of the platform,” explains Steven Renata, Managing Director at VoiceQ. “We have been very impressed with the online tools OOONA offers for subtitling and scripting purposes, and we wanted to facilitate communication between our systems. We also wanted to give our clients the option to place orders within the OOONA Integrated platform that can be executed seamlessly on any of the VoiceQ applications."

"We believe in providing our clients with the best of all third-party services within our ecosystem, facilitating and streamlining their workflows, so integrating with VoiceQ's software made sense,” adds Wayne Garb, OOONA co-founder and CEO. “We are currently working on the first stage of this integration to ensure smooth file exchange between our platforms. This way file assets from our Transcribe tool can be further processed and manipulated within the VoiceQ environment for voiceover and dubbing recording purposes. Full integration between our platforms is planned next so that our clients can access any of the VoiceQ apps directly within OOONA Integrated."

OOONA Integrated is a combination of OOONA Manager and the full suite of OOONA Tools in a single end-to-end system that addresses any media localization need. Hosted on AWS and continuously tested and monitored, OOONA Integrated is a secure and scalable solution for use by organizations of any size. It comes loaded with a mobile app for fast and remote task allocation and approval, as well as APIs into a growing number of third-party tools for a seamless user experience. VoiceQ software is the latest addition to this list.

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OOONA and VoiceQ Plan Technology Integration