Odessa Live TV Channel Deploys AEQ Intercom System

  • 15 February, 2021


ESP: The Ukrainian TV channel from Odessa city started broadcasting in the middle of the pandemic, in September 2020. At present, Ukraine is in an intense process of launching TV channels throughout the country, and Odessa Live is an example of this promotion.

To provide its technical team with an internal coordination system, Odessa Live has chosen to integrate AEQ's compact CrossNET matrix and TP8000 user panels. 

AEQ CrossNET is a compact, integrated audio 1RU height  matrix, based on IP connectivity featuring DANTE™ technology, compatible with AES67 standard, which can easily be connected using existing Ethernet networks through conventional hubs and switches, and offering optional redundancy. It has 4 keys on its intaface for a user friendly operation. Odessa Live version has 104 ports (64 Ports with DanteTM AoIP Interface, 8 KROMA digital Intercom ports, 12 balanced broadcast quality analog audio ports and 20 ports for compressed audio over IP), but there are available versions from 40 to 168 audio inputs and outputs.

The seven units of TP8000 user panels installed are linked to the AEQ CrossNET matrix, with high quality of audio.  Audio is captured and processed at 48kHz, with 24 bits/sample, providing full audio bandwidth of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, with negligible noise and distortion levels. For an easy installation, 8000 series user panels incorporate a redundant IP port that handles high-quality audio in DANTE-AES67 format.  In addition to the physical panels, the TV station has added virtual panel licenses to have more workstations.

This intercom system opens to the outside thanks to the new AEQ Systel-IP 16 talkshow system. This equipment allows a multiline IP telephone with SIP protocol signaling, compatible with IP PBX, SIP Trunking and virtual PBX. Systel-IP supports analog and ISDN lines through gateways. 

Systel-IP 16 can handle up to 16 IP phone lines, 4 additional lines for IP operator phones, 4 digital inputs/outputs, 2 analog inputs/outputs and 32 Dante protocol IP inputs/outputs, enough for up to 4 studios.

This telephone system is connected to the external 4-wire inputs and outputs of the CrossNET matrix, with which it generates the TV studios external communications. The connection between Systel IP and the intercom matrix is made by digital and analog audio.

The operator establishes the communication to the remote peers using a Systelset+ terminal. This touch terminal greatly simplifies the operation. Its commands and pre-settings allow intuitive use during TV coordination.

The entire project has been led by Area Sales Manager, Sergey Alekseev, in coordination with Odessa Live's technical team.


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Odessa Live TV Channel Deploys AEQ Intercom System