Neterra opens Sofia Data Center 2

  • 10 June, 2022


BGR: The global telecom company Neterra has officially opened Sofia Data Center 2 (SDC 2) - second data center building in the capital of Bulgaria. It is located next to the company's first data center: SDC 1.

New customers of SDC 2 will benefit from all the advantages of the already built business and telecommunications infrastructure in SDC 1: connectivity with all existing customers of Neterra and access to high-speed, secure, and reserved international networks and routes.

"Neterra's new data center is an important link in the critical infrastructure of Bulgaria and Southeast Europe. This is one of the places where the networks of Western telecom operators connect to the
Middle East and Asia. Neterra's importance in this chain of security has always been highly valued,"
said Neven Dilkov, Neterra's founder and CEO.

Over 90% of international telecom operators that manage traffic globally (so-called Tier I providers) have already chosen Neterra and SDC 1 as their official point of presence. SDC 2 customers will also be connected to them.

Neven Dilkov, founder and CEO & Chris Harper, Commercial Director at SDC 2 opening.

The SDC 2 building (as well as SDC 1) is designed specifically for the data center according to the requirements of the Tier III Uptime Institute. This standard guarantees the continuity of work and services. Any planned maintenance activities can be performed without disrupting the operation of customer equipment.

The new data center has an area of over 1,400 square meters. The building is on 4 levels, with 2 MW of installed capacity and provides 100% redundancy of services and connectivity, round-the-clock security, uninterruptible power supply and air conditioning, on-site maintenance, security.

Neterra designed SDC 2 with the latest generation of energy efficient air conditioning systems. The benefits of this are both for the environment and for Neterra's customers, who will reduce their costs thanks to the lower electricity consumption of the data center systems.

Neterra has its own data centers in two other Bulgarian locations: Stolnik (20 minutes from Sofia) and Ruse (near the border with Romania).

In an analysis of the global data center market from 2022, Neterra is recognized as one of the key investors in data centers in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

You can watch a video of the construction from the beginning to the completion.

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Neterra opens Sofia Data Center 2