Monaco Media Diffusion deploys KYBIO

  • 04 June, 2021


Legend: Guillaume Asso monitoring with KYBIO.

FRA: CONNECT, a software technology company that develops and commercializes KYBIO, a Monitoring and Control (M&C) platform, has announced the deployment of their solution by Monaco Media Diffusion (MMD), the public Monegasque operator for radio and TV broadcast in the Principality of Monaco.

Fully deployed early this year, MMD is using KYBIO to oversee the optimal operation of their FM and DAB broadcast infrastructure. KYBIO centralizes the monitoring of 136 of their devices, including in particular Ecreso FM transmitters, their DAB broadcasting equipment, and most of their peripherals such as satellite receptors, audio processing, RDS encoder, and more. Monaco Media Diffusion first discovered KYBIO in May 2020 during the free 3-month trial of KYBIO SaaS, an offer launched to support users at the start of the Covid pandemic. Convinced by its performance during this POC phase, in early December they made the decision to purchase KYBIO as the new supervision platform for their media infrastructure; this time as an On-Premise license along with a 5-year support contract.

“The choice of KYBIO seemed obvious to us. It is a tool perfectly suited to our profession, designed for media broadcasting, it is powerful and intuitive to use. Integrated ticket management is a plus that allows better communication with customers. The CONNECT team is available and reacts quickly to changes in our infrastructure”, Thierry Poyet Managing Director / Guillaume Asso Technical Contact.

“We are proud that KYBIO meets the high-quality standards of the exclusive broadcast operator in Monaco. Our platform offers a full set of monitoring, management, and control modules that will help MMD’s team ensure seamless operation of their FM / DAB infrastructure and devices”, Sonia Marmouri Customer Success Director at CONNECT.

Easy to set up and use, KYBIO integrates all the essential functions for an optimized management of all types of media infrastructures. Available as an On-premise or SaaS solution, the KYBIO solution supports a large number of products used in the media ecosystem. Thanks to its customizable dashboards, the product is suitable for managers and different users involved with the infrastructure. Finally, thanks to a straightforward pricing policy for licenses, drivers, and associated services, our customers are in total control of their Total Cost of Ownership throughout the product’s lifetime.

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Monaco Media Diffusion deploys KYBIO