LTN announces senior leadership promotions

  • 28 September, 2022


Nadia Khan and Michal Miskin-Amir.

USA: LTN, the industry leader in transformative media technology and video transport solutions, has announced several key promotions within the company. Nadia Khan, Michal Miskin-Amir, Sara Khan, and Roger Franklin have been promoted to Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), EVP of Development, General Counsel & GM EMEA and Chief Strategy Officer respectively, as the company embarks on a growth-oriented and customer-focused business strategy.

The promotions, which are newly created roles within the organization, come at an exciting time for LTN as it enters a new period of growth and international expansion. LTN aims to unify different parts of the organization to enhance and deepen its connection with the world’s leading content owners, broadcasters and streaming platforms. As a result, customers will benefit from a more strategic alliance and collaboration to meet their needs and solve complex pain points in today’s market. 

These steps by LTN exemplify the company’s vision of being a continued and consultative technology partner - and a universally trusted brand. LTN’s latest strategic promotions will help streamline organizational processes and encourage closer cross-company integration, collaboration, and accountability. 

Nadia Khan, CMO, will play a pivotal role in LTN’s technology leadership strategy, driving LTN’s customer-centric focus and acting as a bridge between the organization and its customers. Nadia will underpin the shift towards a more data-driven and tailored, partner-led approach, creating greater value for LTN’s customers by better understanding their needs and addressing their problems with industry-leading knowledge and insight.

As the new EVP of Development, Michal Miskin-Amir will lead a pioneering Architecture Team creating a single development organization that enables LTN to innovate and create the technologies and solutions its customers need, today and in the long run. Michal will oversee LTN’s industry-leading technology development of full-featured, reliable and scalable solutions.

Sara Khan and Roger Franklin.

In her role as General Counsel & GM EMEA, Sara Khan will oversee LTN’s legal functions and lead the company’s growth strategy in EMEA from LTN’s Cologne, Germany office, where she is based. Sara will focus on building relationships with customers, driving sales, and expanding the company’s core functions in the region, including providing more robust local support and advancing the development of LTN’s technology.

As Chief Strategy Officer, Roger Franklin will work closely with customers to design technology strategies to support business growth, conducting extensive research to enhance workflows across the entire video chain. Roger draws on experience building market-leading innovation to tackle some of the media industry’s biggest challenges, including multi-platform versioning of high-value content; content distribution under rights management and other policies; and the seamless migration towards IP- and cloud-based workflows.

With the aim of expanding across multiple global markets, LTN’s software and cloud-based architecture enables numerous cross-platform, managed solutions. With a core IP network directing all contributions, customers are rewarded with complete visibility and control over the business metrics that matter most to them. LTN can offer high-quality video and a differentiating consumption experience that empowers media companies to drive content creation and distribution.

Speaking on the promotions, LTN Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Malik Khan, commented: “Today’s media landscape is fragmented across thousands of global platforms and devices, and our customers require highly innovative and efficient services from us to help them navigate complexities and reap the rewards of the monetization opportunities that follow. Nadia, Michal, Sara, and Roger are all experts in their respective fields, and their commitment and dedication to LTN have helped the company grow to where it is today. These promotions are not only fully deserved, but they are a testament to the company's direction.”

“Amid fierce competition for viewers, LTN provides customer-first, customized cross-platform solutions for rapidly changing distribution models.  We are confident that these new roles will drive our continued focus on innovation, customers, and service excellence.”

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LTN announces senior leadership promotions