Datavideo KMU-200 - Production At Your Fingertips

  • 07 June, 2021


NED/USA: Creating video is all everybody wants at the moment. During the COVID Crisis Datavideo recognized the great importance of video and the opportunities for live streaming video as an alternative for face-to-face contact. One of the major downsides of live streaming video, and video production in general, is the steep learning curve that end-users have to climb. Try learning your sales department in how to set up a streaming encoder and wire a complete production facility!

Datavideo is a manufacturer of AV and broadcasting equipment with more than 35 years of experience in creating easy to use but high-quality video equipment without breaking the bank. The latest invention of Datavideo is called the KMU-200. This all-in-one production station delivers stunning streaming video and recordings on an SD card that can be used on your PC directly. If you encounter the KMU-200 on your desk for the first time, you’ll see a rather large tablet computer with some buttons and a joystick around it.
You can easily connect a 4K/UHD camera to the HDMI input, and a regular PC to the other HDMI input. By using the touch screen, you can create cutout windows, or regions of interest in the 4K feed. The full shot and all the cutouts are available as sources to which you can switch, like a regular multi-camera setup. This way you can create, for instance, an interview video with multiple persons by just using a single stationary camera! With a built in streaming encoder, audio mixer and recorder this is truly all you need for your professional video production.

Vertical video is the latest trend in video production. These videos are not regular widescreen 16:9, but rotated 90 degrees to make them 9:16. These videos are full screen on a portrait held smartphone, and that’s what’s so attractive to them. The KMU-200 can seamlessly switch to 9:16 video by pressing a single button. Also the streaming encoder and SD card recorder built in is completely compatible with 9:16 video.

KMU-200 is also completely compatible with dvCloud. This innovative cloud platform is a subscription model by Datavideo that ingests your stream and can redistribute this to multiple platforms. By using SRT encoding from the KMU-200 to the cloud you can even stream successfully by using your phone as the main internet connection. dvCloud also uses fixed ingestion URL’s, so it’s a one time setup on the KMU-200 and your end user will never have to bother setting it up again.

KMU-200 is an innovative product that boasts endless creative features to an entry level market. The virtual cameras add a dynamic effect to your production whilst keeping it manageable for a single operator. Built in streaming and recording minimize extra peripherals and assure portability. Optional vertical video makes this unit future proof for mobile social media use. This is an all in one unit at an incredible price point.

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Datavideo KMU-200 - Production At Your Fingertips