FOR-A Unveils The FA-96DNT Interface

  • 16 February, 2021


USA: FOR-A Corporation of America has announced the FA 96DNT, an optional Dante® audio networking interface for the FA-9600 multi-purpose signal processor. With its new I/O card, the FA-9600 is the only leading video processor with integrated embed and de-embed support for 32 I/O channels of Dante audio.

Available for preorder, the FA-96DNT includes individual mapping to Dante output and gain adjustment for each channel. Its primary and secondary RJ45 terminals provide redundancy or daisy-chain connection; when there is a problem on the primary line, the FA-96DNT offers automatic changeover to the secondary line. When equipped with the FA-96DNT, the FA-9600 offers inter-conversion among Dante, AES, HDMI, and SDI embedded audio sources.

"Developed by Audinate, Dante has become an industry standard for delivering multiple channels of lossless audio over a standard IP network. It’s a popular choice for houses of worship and other video production applications," explained Ken Truong, President of FOR-A Corporation of America. "FOR-A has long been known as one of the industry leaders in signal processing. With the new FA-96DNT, we can manage the most popular audio formats within a single FA-9600 unit."

More than a basic frame synchronizer, the FA-9600 simplifies conversion of multiple formats, including 12G, 4K (UHD), 1080p, and HD/SD. Users can switch between simultaneous 4K/HD mode with single-channel up/down conversion or dual HD mode with dual-channel up/down conversion. It also provides HDR and wide color gamut support, as well as a wide range of audio processing. Optional cards like the FA-96DNT make the 1 RU FA-9600 an ideal standalone solution for mobile production trucks, production studios, news stations, transmission centers, and other NLE and playout production environments.

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FOR-A Unveils The FA-96DNT Interface