Dream Chip Wins Prestigious Red Dot Design Awards

  • 26 July, 2022


GER: Dream Chip - innovators in the field of miniaturised, broadcast-level cameras - have announced that they have been awarded two category wins in the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards. The AtomOne mini Zoom - a camera that measures just Ø60x85mm and maintains a weight of 267g - has been recognised in both the Product Design and Most Innovative Product categories.

The AtomOne mini Zoom achieved success in the awards not only for its miniature size, but also for the technological features embodied within that small space, and the focus on user purpose which informs the product as a whole. Features which particularly impressed the judges included the remote controlled variable aperture (F/1.5-2.8) allowing for a wide angle 120° shot till a close up to 40° angle, capacity for 60fps shooting and exceptional low light capability - all of which influenced the Innovation win. In relation to the product’s additional success in the Product Design category, the use of geometric design language to inform the cylindrical shape (a more logical and space saving approach than traditional box cameras) and its robust material construction were factors of importance, with particular stress placed on the ability of the product to be mounted nearly anywhere, thus giving broadcasters and cinematographers a whole new set of creative possibilities in relation to how the camera is deployed.

The Red Dot Awards (one of the most important accolades in the world) represent an internationally recognised mark of forward-thinking, considered and robust design; brands who are recognised with the award embody not only qualities of innovation, but also user and purpose-led form and function that meets a clear need with both efficiency and flair.

Speaking of the rationale underpinning the award, Prof. Jun Cai, one of 50 cross-industry experts who make up the Design Awards jury said: “It is exciting to see the progress of design and to witness change. I am always inspired by the work of talented designers, by their creative innovation and their unique imagination”.

Dream Chip embodies this push for progress and change, leveraging 25 years of experience in micro-technologies but applying this knowledge through a lens that is focused on understanding the needs of broadcast and AV professionals, and pushing for novel and inventive ways of meeting those needs.

“Our innovation starts not with a technology, but a purpose” said Christian Kühn, Sales & Product Marketing at Dream Chip. “The main goal of a broadcaster isn’t to send radio waves through the air or data packets through a network; that’s merely the mechanism by which they’re achieving their ultimate aim: the communication of excitement, emotion, action and a particular moment. They are seeking to immerse their viewer in a different time and space. And so with our products, knowledge of that goal has to be the first thing that informs our design; every decision we make, every technological innovation we develop, every skill we leverage. How are we going to let storytellers tell their story? Adopting this mindset as the initial point of innovation is as important to our success as the stockpile of technical knowledge we have developed in our team”.

“Winning two Red Dot Awards clearly speaks to our strong expertise in camera innovation and our deep understanding of broadcast and cinematography”, Kühn concluded: “We share the same value of always putting the needs and ultimate goals of clients in the first place. And so with our products, we adopted this mindset as the initial point of our innovation and design. This mindset will continue to drive us to explore new avenues in the optical and lens technologies, bringing more innovations to facilitate the creation of immersive moments”.

In addition to these two awards, the AtomOne mini Zoom was recently rewarded Best New Product by Broadcast Production.


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Dream Chip Wins Prestigious Red Dot Design Awards