Dream Chip Showcasing at 2022 NAB Show

  • 15 April, 2022


GER: Dream Chip - innovators in the field of miniaturised, broadcast-level cameras - have announced that they will be attending NAB 2022 (Booth #C7222), where they will be exhibiting their range of ultra-versatile cameras and demonstrating the wide range of applications where existing customers have deployed them.

Whilst their full range will be on display, particular focus will be placed on both the AtomOne mini Zoom and the SSM500. The former of these cameras (weighing just 286g) can be controlled in conjunction with a range of external accessories, including the versatile BR Remote which allows the camera to operate as the world’s smallest PTZ, whilst the latter SSM500 allows for shooting speeds of 500fps (in a body just 189mm x 60mm x 60mm) - ideal for creating immersive, action-filled slow motion shots that are seated right at the heart of the action.

Versatile application in a range of markets
Versatility will be the watchword of Dream Chip’s four-day presence in Las Vegas, demonstrating the range of applications that their cameras have been deployed in over the course of the last two years particularly, as their reputation has grown across a number of markets. Whilst the biggest expansion has been in the field of sports (particularly extreme and winter sports, though Dream Chip cameras have also been applied in some of the most prestigious tennis, motorsports and American Football competitions across the globe), there has been increasing demand in other field of professional broadcast, AV and film production, particularly given the scope that such miniaturisation gives for capturing unusual, complex shot angles. The ease of integration into wider camera setups and networks has also seen Dream Chip expand their presence in markets such as worship, live events and music festivals.

No trade-off between size and quality
As well as demonstrating versatility, Dream Chip will be keen to stress that miniaturisation does not require a trade-off between size and picture quality, with each camera generating remarkable HD (and in some cases 4K) images, in HDR, even in low-light conditions (something that usually proves an obstacle for cameras of such small size, especially for slow motion filming). Whilst each camera carries different specifications, across the board they are designed to work with a range of B4 and C-mount lenses - allowing full customisation according to the needs of the application, and can be controlled remotely with accessories such as the CyanView RCP, SKAARHOJ RCP or BR Remote PTZ controllers.

Continuing to build presence in the US market
Speaking of their attendance at NAB 2022, Christian Kühn, Sales & Product Marketing Manager for Dream Chip, said: “It’s great to be back exhibiting live again; we’ve missed seeing our peers and friends in the industry, and we’ll relish the ability to reconnect with them. But it’s also great to be over in the States since this has constituted one of our most significant geographical markets in terms of growth over the last two years, and we’re keen to capitalise on the waves we’ve been making here”.
He continued: “We’ve always stressed that our camera range is as much about emotion as it is technology. It’s about allowing producers and cinematographers to immerse their audiences in a moment, in a way that shocks, surprises, excites and communicates emotion. Being able to demonstrate this potential live at NAB 2022 is really important to us”.

Visit Dream Chip at 2022 NAB Show, April 24-27 on Booth #C7222.


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Dream Chip Showcasing at 2022 NAB Show