disguise unleashes vx 4+

  • 16 June, 2022


UK: Visual storytelling technology platform disguise unleashes a new era of infinitely scalable, immersive entertainment with the release of their new flagship media server: the vx 4+. Purpose-built for the world’s largest and most technically demanding productions, installations and shows, the vx 4+ is designed to ensure maximum content quality and playback performance, enabling productions to push boundaries and captivate audiences like never before.

Today, requirements for spectacular visual content in shows and productions is skyrocketing. Film studios and broadcasters are turning to extended reality and virtual production for an improved production process for creating compelling filmed and live entertainment. Museums and theme parks want to wow audiences with larger, immersive and more interactive attractions. Live events including music concerts, esports events and theatre productions are requiring high-quality video playback and are even pioneering the use of real-time content within their productions. All these high-stakes production environments have one thing in common: they need a rock-solid solution supporting high-performance video processing at scale with minimal latency.

With the capability to handle twice the amount of video layers versus its award-winning predecessor, the new disguise vx 4+ machine ramps up storage performance and significantly improves video throughout, with up to 100GbE in bandwidth for higher resolution live video.

“Production teams are perpetually seeking to push the boundaries of what is possible, with many experimenting with new technologies and workflows, using real-time content or using video content at unlimited scale and complexity. As these ambitions grow, playing back large-scale content reliably without latency remains a challenge,” explains disguise Chief Product Officer Raed Al Tikriti.

“disguise vx 4+ addresses the pressing need for an ultra-reliable high-performance server capable of handling the most demanding bandwidth-hungry, data-rich video processing. Built on our team’s deep understanding of the needs of today’s productions, installations and large-scale shows, the vx 4+ offers our customers cutting-edge technology, that works with the disguise modular ecosystem of solutions and offers the most reliable and effective solution for your production.”

Integral to the disguise modular ecosystem and working with disguise VFC cards, rx render nodes and preconfigured network switch fabric, the vx 4+ is designed for projects in need of a robust and scalable solution. The inclusion of two 100GbE network ports and 12G video capture as standard enables the vx 4+ to be used for 4K xR compositing alongside a cluster of rx render nodes. The integration of a new PCI-Express 4.0 motherboard, CPU, GPU and RAID storage, ensures that the vx 4+ video playback and compositing performance is unrivalled. When combined, the vx 4+ enables additional capacity to meet performance expectations whilst also keeping video latency to a minimum.

As disguise continues its mission to ensure that next-gen visual experiences are delivered to audiences everywhere, the vx 4+ is compatible with disguise’s upcoming IP Video Format Conversion (VFC) cards to be released in the second half of the year. IP-VFC is an industry-first and patented technology that enables users to change the video output signal from their disguise media server to a SMPTE 2110 video output.

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Existing disguise vx 4 owners also have the capability upgrade their existing machine to the vx 4+
to future-proof their productions.


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disguise unleashes vx 4+