Dalet Announces Key Updates to its AmberFin Platform

  • 10 March, 2021


FRA: Dalet, a leading technology and service provider for media-rich organizations, has announced key updates to its Dalet AmberFin platform, the standards-bearer in image quality for transcoding. For creatives, Dalet AmberFin is what delivers the original artistic intent. For studios, broadcasters and OTT providers, the enterprise media processing platform with a scalable transcode and workflow engine is indispensable thanks to its unparalleled image and captioning accuracy. Significant performance gains and a new browser interface keeps Dalet AmberFin ahead of new industry demands towards higher quality on more devices and more flexible workflows. Built-in support for audio normalization specialists, Emotion Systems, ensures audio output is optimized for global delivery to multiple listening environments.

“The rapid evolution of digital cinema and video technology has given us images that are stunningly good. 4K resolution, HDR and immersive audio are not only appreciated by today’s viewers but expected too,” states Eric Carson, Director, Dalet AmberFin Product Strategy. “Viewing screens, including smartphones, can reveal image quality - good and bad - with forensic precision. Consequently, it's more important than ever that the original image quality achieved by a film director or TV producer is preserved for audiences to experience as intended. We are committed to keeping Dalet AmberFin on the forefront of media processing with continued improvements in speed and usability both on-premises and in the cloud.”

Dalet AmberFin New Features at a Glance

Every feature of the Dalet AmberFin platform, including the improvements in the latest release (v11.9), are available both on-premises and in the Dalet AmberFin Cloud Transcoder Service. Dalet AmberFin customers can control their on-premises and cloud transcoding resources from the same workflow engine and API, and natively use the same conversion profiles and workflows for both fixed and elastic capacity without the use of a cloud port or service team.


New features and capabilities available include:

  • Enhancements to the Dalet AmberFin transcoding engine provide, on average, a 30% increase in throughput, offering customers an even faster speed-to-market for high-quality conversions.
  • New web-based conversion profile editor provides engineers a modern interface for managing day-to-day configuration.
  • Emotion System’s advanced audio processing and loudness normalization capabilities enhance Dalet AmberFin’s best-in-class video conversion capabilities with loudness correction and global delivery compliance requirements.

When coupled with Dalet’s content production, management and distribution solutions, Dalet AmberFin becomes a uniquely powerful transcoding and media orchestration platform, perfect for ensuring that the right content is available at the highest quality, properly wrapped, and all as part of an automated and dependable process. 

Eric concludes,“For many of our clients, media processing is only part of the equation. Packaging for mass distribution is often a requirement. Dalet AmberFin combined with Dalet Flex and Dalet Galaxy five brings a much needed, high-quality transcoding and precision packaging solution for global distribution encoding requirements.”

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Dalet Announces Key Updates to its AmberFin Platform