Broadpeak at Mobile World Congress 2023

  • 21 February, 2023


FRA: At Mobile World Congress 2023, Broadpeak will highlight cutting-edge solutions for video delivery over mobile networks. Leveraging Broadpeak’s solutions, operators can control the ever-increasing network costs and traffic peak issues associated with OTT video delivery, improve their environmental impact, and maximize the value of mobile networks.

“As video streaming continues to dominate mobile data traffic, energy efficiency, scalability, and ensuring an outstanding quality of experience are critical,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO at Broadpeak. “We look forward to showing how Broadpeak is shaping the future of video delivery at Mobile World Congress with cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions for video streaming over 4G and 5G networks.”

Key highlights at Mobile World Congress 2023 will include:

5G Edge Caching and CDN Orchestration
At Mobile World Congress 2023, Broadpeak will demonstrate how it is helping operators overcome the various challenges and take advantage of opportunities involved with delivering video over mobile networks with far-edge cloud CDN solutions dedicated to mobile and 5G streaming. In particular, Broadpeak will show innovative edge caching functionalities, such as 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC) integration over various platforms, and container-based edge CDN orchestration. By adding elasticity to edge CDN workloads deployed in 5G networks, service providers can optimize the network costs due to OTT video streaming without compromising quality.

Broadpeak’s elastic 5G edge caching capabilities will be shown at the Broadpeak (5C86),
Intel (3E31), and VMware (3M11) stands.

Open Caching and Multicast ABR (mABR)
Broadpeak will showcase solutions that foster collaboration between content providers and network operators for video streaming. Utilizing Broadpeak’s solutions for open caching CDN at the 5G network edge and mABR, network operators can create new revenue opportunities with content providers to deliver content with exceptional quality at lower costs. The company will share data from Broadpeak’s nanoCDN™ multicast mABR solution being used in commercial networks, demonstrating the scalability and low latency of the solution for live, multiscreen video delivery.

Energy-Efficient Video Streaming
Broadpeak will demonstrate the ways it is optimizing video streaming efficiency at Mobile World Congress 2023. Attendees can see the company’s new BkS450 high-performance video streaming software, which brings outstanding density, energy efficiency, and cost savings to video streaming infrastructures. The BkS450 delivers video services at 725 Gbps in HTTP on servers consuming 900 watts, reducing the power required to stream 1 Gbps by a factor of four compared with previous-generation video streaming solutions.

Meet with the Broadpeak team at the MWC Barcelona 2023 - Hall 5, Stand #5C86.

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Broadpeak at Mobile World Congress 2023