América Televisión Enhances Sports Coverage with Ross Video’s PIERO Analysis Tool

  • 22 May, 2023


PIERO delivers cost-effective, state-of-the-art Sports Graphics analysis capabilities for video replays
to draw fans deeper into the action.

CAN: Ross Video has announced that América Televisión, a leading television company based in Lima, Peru, has implemented its PIERO sports analysis tool in two recording studios to enhance its coverage and viewer experience for a recent global soccer tournament. PIERO enables América Televisión to apply industry-leading graphics and animation to its event coverage, helping it to deliver cost-effective,
state-of-the-art analysis for video replays.

The purchase of PIERO is the latest investment in Ross Video technology by América Televisión, which also includes their use of XPression graphics, Dashboard, Vision, Carbonite, Ultrix Acuity, Cambot and Inception Cloud products in a successful partnership stretching back over seven years.

The main challenge facing América Televisión was delivering production innovation, creativity and engaging content for its soccer event coverage. An existing user of Ross Video’s products, the implementation of PIERO extends the strong partnership between the two organizations.

“Ross Video has been a valuable technology partner for América Televisión for a number of years,
so we were confident investing in their cutting-edge technological solutions,” said Wilfredo Viñas, Technical Director, América Televisión. “Implementing PIERO has played an important role in raising the quality and creativity of our replay analysis - a development that our viewers have welcomed.”

PIERO is an award-winning sports analysis tool that uses image recognition or encoded camera heads to overlay tactical graphics on sports content. PIERO brings new angles to every game, on the screen and in the studio, with visually engaging and informative effects. The solution can apply industry-leading graphics to more than 20 of the world’s major sports, combining video-based effects with 3D replays and advanced virtual graphics.

A key advantage reported by América Televisión during the procurement and implementation process was the versatility of the Ross team and the availability of 24/7 technical support. The new solutions offered by Ross have added value to the business by providing more options to analyze soccer action, resulting in increased viewer engagement.

“América Televisión understands that sports fans value quick and informative replay analysis, and PIERO
is the ideal solution to bring viewers closer to the action,” said Jorge Sobenes, Regional Sales Manager
for Latin America
, Ross Video. “We are delighted to extend our partnership and look forward to supporting their innovation strategy in the future.”

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América Televisión Enhances Sports Coverage with Ross Video’s PIERO Analysis Tool