AEQ supplies a complete radio kit for MCRadio

  • 09 August, 2022


ESP: After many years of experience, the well-known journalist Raúl González will now be in charge of the radio station Radio Merindad de Campoo (MCRadio 107.9FM), based in the CERHI of Matamorosa and licensed by the municipality of Campoo de Enmedio, in Spain, has finally started his news project.

"Today I am accomplishing a dream, to make radio in my home region", underlined with emotion Mr. Gonzalez in his inaugural speech. He emphasised the goals of informing and entertaining the people of Campuria "to make a radio that helps us to believe even more in this region, in its people and in its immense potential", with the aim of "placing this village in the place it deserves, in the highest place".

The technological partner of this project was AEQ, which has supported the MCRadio team from the time the station was just an idea until the final installation and start-up of the ONAIR studios.

Given the specifications of the Project the entire radio station was supplied from the AEQ factory as a self-contained kit, easy to set up. This radio kit included a modern digital audio console model AEQ CAPITOL IP as the heart of the system for its robustness and simple operation, as well as the radio automation software AEQ AudioPLUS. The installations was completed with all the necessary furniture, wiring, microphones, speakers, headphones, pantographs, etc... to make MCRadio a reality with the latest technology on the market and the best possible sound quality for their listeners...

Of course, AEQ's technical staff travelled to CERHI in Matamorosa for the assembly, adjustment, commissioning and training of this new radio, all tasks were completed in less than a week.

AEQ CAPITOL IP is an 8-channel fixed configuration digital audio mixing console. In CAPITOL IP the implementation of IP connectivity is based on a single module of 16 input and 16 output channels, incorporated in its core. One of the main qualities of AEQ CAPITOL IP is the wide input capacity available: 4 mic/line, 12 analogue, 4 digital stereo AES/EBU (AES3), 2 digital stereo USB, 2 optional telephone lines, and optional digital multi-channel audio links; 16 AoIP channels over two Ethernet connectors or 64 MADI channels input over optical fibre.

The MCRadio installation is completed by a comprehensive automation software AEQ AudioPLUS. The basic need for automation in radio stations includes: sound management, programming and storage.

AudioPLUS is an advanced automation, management and playout system for professional broadcasting, providing a set of applications and services that deliver the necessary tools to perform any regular work in a radio station, as well as a range of audio storage, editing and playout jobs in television stations.

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AEQ supplies a complete radio kit for MCRadio