Actus Digital Showcasing at CABSAT 2022

  • 11 May, 2022


Significant Engineering Upgrades and Enhanced Features on the Actus 8.0 Platform
Drive Innovative Applications for TV, Radio, and MVPDs.

USA: Actus Digital, the premiere quality monitoring and alerting, compliance logging, content repurposing, and workflow solution company, will showcase the new Actus 8.0 AI-based intelligent monitoring platform during CABSAT 2022. Actus Digital's platform was recently honored with a Best-in-Market award at NAB Show 2022.

The new Actus 8.0 platform includes Actus Synchro, an enhanced recording-multiviewer with QA monitoring and compliance logging, and support for standards such as IP, SDI, HDMI, DVB, ASI, SMPTE ST 2110/2022-6/2022-7, SRT, NDI, HLS, MPEG-DASH, and more, to address applications for TV, radio, Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (MVPDs), and more. 

"We're redefining innovation with an expanded range of intelligent monitoring capabilities on the Actus 8.0 platform," said Sima Levy, CEO at Actus Digital. "Following 17 years of improving quality monitoring and compliance logging for broadcasters, media operators, governments, agencies, and more, the Actus 8.0 platform further expands the intelligent monitoring platform's value beyond core engineering benefits. At CABSAT 2022, we will highlight how our award-winning platform offers unique workflows and use cases for news, ad sales, digital media, asset management, and research teams within TV and radio stations." 

The Actus 8.0 platform offers engineering innovation and advanced features for a diverse range of use cases, besides compliance and technical monitoring, all in one platform:

  • Compliance Logging: Actus View for recording any input type, subtitles, CC, audio languages, etc. including loudness management, SCTE, real-time alerts on audio and video issues, missing metadata, multiviewer, and TS analysis.
  • Digital Media: Actus Clip Factory Pro empowers digital media teams to perform quick manual or automated clip editing, social-media publishing, and VOD content creation.
  • News Teams: The Actus 8.0 platform helps news teams through new features that improve programming and ratings by showing ratings graphs next to content from competitors, including keyword alerts. The Actus 8.0 platform also provides collaborative bookmarking and note sharing for news and talent development.
  • Ad Sales: Ad sales teams can maximize revenues with Actus AdWatch for automatic ads and content detection to perform competitive ad analysis, ads verification, and improve sales pitches to prospective advertisers.
  • Asset Management: Actus Light-MAM increases the value of media archives, allowing users to create and enrich metadata via automated metadata extraction. With AI-based metadata generation, users can create a metadata-rich asset library from scratch and/or integrate with existing MAM systems.
  • Radio: Radio broadcasters will benefit from quality monitoring and alerting dashboards that enable the monitoring and control of thousands of distributed radio stations through a single interface.
  • Multichannel Video Programming Distributors Engineering and Operations: Actus RVM (Remote Video Monitoring) on the Actus 8.0 platform allows media operators to dial into set-top box channels at geographically dispersed headends and hub sites to troubleshoot issues in real time and verify if local ads were inserted and timed correctly, all from a single interface.

Actus will showcase its enhanced platform at CABSAT 2022, May 17-19 in Dubai, at booth 501.
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Actus Digital Showcasing at CABSAT 2022