Accedo One adds multiple DRM support to its Marketplace

  • 17 September, 2021


SWE: Accedo has launched support for multiple Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions in its Accedo One™ cloud platform. Accedo has integrated multi DRM solutions from BrightcoveVerimatrix and Vualto, which ensure high value content remains protected. Accedo One Marketplace already includes integration for Online Video Platforms, Subscription Management Platforms, Ad servers, and Analytics Platforms.

Accedo One is a powerful SaaS solution that enables global companies to deliver impactful video experiences across multiple devices. Thanks to this latest integration, Accedo One customers can protect revenues and increase the possibility of securing high-value content from third parties. Integration with a range of DRM solutions, which leverage a multi DRM strategy, makes it easier for customers to choose the right DRM technology to keep their content secure.

Markus Hejdenberg, Head of Product Management, Accedo, commented: “With the high level of file-sharing in many markets, DRM is vital to ensure that high value content remains protected. We have integrated vendors with a long history of working with content security and video deliveries from different aspects of the value chain so that we can cater for a wide range of unique customer requirements.”

The integration is managed through Accedo One Marketplace, which provides easy access to all necessary technology components in the video service ecosystem. This means that video providers can easily connect their services to other technologies, in order to build and grow customer-centric video solutions.

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Accedo One adds multiple DRM support to its Marketplace