WorldCast Systems Introduces Revolutionary APT IP Silver MPX Encoder and Decoder

  • 12 March, 2024


APT IP Silver MPX Encoder | Decoder - Budget-Friendly Professional MPX Streaming.

FRA: In a groundbreaking move, WorldCast Systems, a pioneer in state-of-the-art broadcast solutions, proudly announced its latest product evolution - the APT IP Silver MPX Encoder and Decoder. This new addition to the esteemed APT IP Streamer range is designed to revolutionize the transmission of FM-MPX signals, offering an unparalleled blend of cost efficiency and quality.

The APT IP Silver MPX series is distinguished by its ability to transmit analog composite/MPX signals
in pristine quality, including the groundbreaking APTmpX compressed format. This format represents
a significant change, offering unrivaled signal transparency, minimal encoding delay, and exceptional
IP transmission stability while significantly reducing the required bandwidth.

The APT IP Silver MPX Encoder and Decoder include advanced networking features such as VLAN tagging, NAT traversal and the industry-recognized SureStream Technology that ensures IP redundancy without compromise.

APT IP Silver MPX - encoder rear view.

The devices are suitable for both individual MPX-FM feeds and multi-frequency transmission
and support various MPX bandwidths and formats.

The NTP-based Time Alignment function extends the system's capabilities, allows precise adjustment
of the target latency for each stream, and guarantees seamless program switching between transmitter frequencies. The included intelligent ScriptEasy software allows broadcasters to control and monitor
the devices and automate various actions remotely.

APT IP Silver MPX - decoder rear view.

As part of the WorldCast Systems ecosystem, the APT IP Silver MPX Encoder and Decoder are not just products but a demonstration of WorldCast Systems' commitment to delivering reliable, high-quality, and sustainable content distribution solutions. Support through the WorldCast Systems Support Agreement program ensures that customers benefit from maximum uptime, improved performance and improved total cost of ownership.

Discover how APT IP Silver MPX encoders and decoders can transform broadcast operations
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WorldCast Systems Introduces Revolutionary APT IP Silver MPX Encoder and Decoder