WorldCast announces key updates and immediate availability of its Ecreso FM AiO Series

  • 31 July, 2023


FRA: WorldCast Systems, leading provider of advanced radio solutions worldwide, announces key updates on its new FM transmitter range, the Ecreso FM AiO series. Since the launch September 2022 of its 1kW version, the Ecreso FM AiO has since expanded to include 600W, 300W, and 100W powers. Today, the transmitter range is already adopted by a number of broadcasters who rely on it for its all-in-one STL capabilities for FM transmission. This is thanks, but not limited to, its built-in software including the
APT IP decoder for audio/MPXoIP, RDS encoder, sound processing, and SmartFM.

A new feature has now been added to this highly complete solution. In addition to the already existing offline backup on SD card, the Ecreso FM AiO series is now fitted with an online audio backup supporting IceCast and ShoutCast streaming. With this new capability, the transmitter ensures audio backups when the main sources are faulty. This means broadcasters can reuse an existing radio broadcast channel to enable the redundancy of its audio program. They can play an audio file which is saved on the SD card, or they can recover an IceCast / ShoutCast stream and continue to broadcast the program live from a web radio source. The advantage is increased reliability and reassurance of staying on-air, without the fear of adding to infrastructure costs.

WorldCast Systems is committed to embracing technological advancements that optimize CAPEX, lower OPEX and promote sustainability through efficient product design and green technology. The Ecreso FM AiO series represents this promise by offering broadcasters a transition towards software-rich designs where onboard technology replaces separate hardware. This shift allows broadcasters to streamline operations with an all-in-one solution offering powerful, field-proven software technology on a single robust hardware system. Concretely, the benefits are multiple with less upfront purchases, complex setups, cablings, and on-site deployment and maintenance trips.

The Ecreso FM AiO series can be upgraded at any time to include the desired software function.

Contrary to what most are experiencing with the ongoing context of supply shortages and long delivery timelines, WorldCast Systems continues to deliver FM transmitters with short delays and has delivered more than 750 AiO series transmitters since the beginning of 2023. This is a great opportunity for broadcasters in need of fast deployments over the coming months.

The Ecreso FM AiO series will be showcasing at IBC2023 at booth 8.C58.

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WorldCast announces key updates and immediate availability of its Ecreso FM AiO Series