Witbe Highlights for BroadcastAsia 2023

  • 31 May, 2023


Witbe Cloud harnesses Witbe's powerful technology.

SGP: At BroadcastAsia 2023, part of the Asia Tech x Singapore (ATxSG) event, Witbe will showcase its powerful automated testing and proactive monitoring technology. Highlighted in Booth 6G1-03 will be the Witbox lineup, Witbe's family of powerful and easily deployed testing devices capable of testing 4K video services on OTT devices and Android TV OS, along with the powerful abilities of a recently opened local Witbe Cloud network. On the show floor in Singapore, Witbe will demonstrate how these products and technologies help video service providers measure the true quality of experience (QoE) that their customers receive.

"BroadcastAsia is always one of our favorite shows for meeting new people and sharing our automated testing and monitoring technology," said Marie-Véronique Lacaze, President and Co-founder of Witbe. "After the successful opening of Witbe's own Singapore office earlier this year, I know our local team is excited for a shorter commute to BroadcastAsia and a great opportunity to meet new video service partners in the region."

In the spotlight at BroadcastAsia 2023 will be Witbe's automated testing and monitoring technology, capable of testing 4K video services on the same real, physical devices that customers use. Set-top boxes (STB) and OTT devices can be tested, including ones running on Android TV OS, as well as smart TVs and mobile devices. Witbe has a specific use case designed for STB and OTT device manufacturers that are working on Google's Android TV OS, helping them measure true QoE, monitor performance across OS updates, and verify that their content is being properly indexed in the search and voice control functions of Android TV. With over 150 companies worldwide using Android TV as their operating system of choice, specialized testing and monitoring is essential to delivering consistent performance and staying ahead of the competition.

Witbe's QA automated testing technology works on real devices.

Witbe's automated testing technology is also popular with QA teams, delivering the endurance, stress, and performance testing that cannot be achieved manually. Several recent updates to the Witbe Software Suite have been focused on improving ease of use for QA teams, including new AI algorithms that allow test scenarios to be scripted up to 10 times faster than previously possible. The new "Smart Navigate" algorithm makes navigating STBs and app menus as easy as dragging and dropping one block, while the updated "Smart Search" algorithm simplifies text input. At BroadcastAsia 2023, Witbe will showcase the accessibility, interconnectivity, and technical power its testing and monitoring technology delivers for video service providers.

Witbe Highlights at BroadcastAsia 2023 will include:

New Witbe Cloud APAC Data Center

While Witbe has had a presence in APAC since 2006, BroadcastAsia 2023 marks the first show in the region since Witbe opened its new permanent Asia headquarters in Singapore. In addition, the company has opened a Witbe Cloud network point of presence in APAC to deliver cloud services at the highest possible quality and to work more closely with video service providers in the region.

Witbe's Smartgate application sends immediate alerts when service interruptions strike.

Updates to the REC 
Witbe's Remote Eye Controller (REC), which provides remote access to real testing devices, is regularly updated with new features to expand its technical capabilities and ease of use. Recent updates came with several major enhancements, including a "request control" feature that allows team members to easily swap access to remote testing devices and a "smart search" tab that allows team members to take control of testing devices by simply searching for the city they are in. In addition, the update increased the Witbe Software Suite's interconnectivity by further integrating the web-based Remote Eye Controller application into Smartgate, the company's application for service outage alerts.

Witbe's compact and powerful Witbox+.

New Additions to the Witbox Testing Device Lineup 
Witbe's Witbox family of devices packs the company's automated testing and monitoring technology into a compact, accessible package that is simple to set up. Last year, Witbe completed the Witbox lineup with the scalable Witbox+, the most powerful testing device on the market, and the specialized WitboxNet, designed for web testing. They will both be on display at BroadcastAsia 2023, alongside the flagship WitboxOne, demonstrating the full line of reliable and accessible video testing devices.

Visit Witbe at BroadcastAsia 2023 on Booth 6G1-03, June 7-9, Singapore Expo.


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Witbe Highlights for BroadcastAsia 2023