Wildmoka deepens Singular.live integration

  • 02 February, 2022


UK: Wildmoka has been compatible with Singular for some time. However, recently the two platforms embarked on a new integration that delivers a much wider scope for clients to enhance their output and workflows. 

The Wildmoka development team completed a much deeper integration that now opens up much bigger opportunities for clients of Singular and Wildmoka in both live streaming and post production. 

There are multiple benefits and use-cases, however some of the most important ones are:

Brand Consistency Across Multiple Video Formats:

Clients of Wildmoka were already able to use Singular overlays for their live content, however the new integration takes this much further by introducing the same Singular graphic templates into their post production media supply chain. This applies to both near-live clipping, highlight reels, or longer-form videos such as entire game replays.

Now with this integration, clients can use their exact same Singular graphics across all the types of content meaning they can quickly and easily retain the branding in a consistent way.

Improved Viewer Experience across digital platforms with responsive video:

Producing digital media coverage requires producers to properly address digital fragmentation - i.e. the ability to adapt to a large number of destination platforms, from OTT to social media.  Some of these destinations require other formats than the source 16:9  linear TV one. As a result, by also ingesting the clean feed into the Wildmoka platform, it is possible to create clips and reels in square, vertical and others formats and have the overlays and other graphics perfectly positioned and readable. Wildmoka and Singular together enable responsive video.

Improved Workflow:

Previously it was typical for production teams to use different platforms, exporting and re-importing content to add channel branded graphics for short form content which was time consuming and relying on internet speed (especially when working from home). When the need to deliver high quality content at speed is essential, this new integration enables that. Now production teams can deliver a full HD produced feed with channel branding and graphics plus additional outputs with different local sponsors or any different screen formats for social media outputs, all from the same Wildmoka interface using their Singular graphics.


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Wildmoka deepens Singular.live integration