WDR Filmhaus to Implement Riedel Infrastructure

  • 30 April, 2024


Award-Winning MediorNet HorizoN Hybrid Processing Platform Serves as Bridge to IP.

Left to right: Maximilian Below (Studio Hamburg MCI), Wolfgang Kaiser (WDR), Thomas Riedel (Riedel), Dominique Hoffmann (WDR), Marco Kraft (Riedel), Martin Hüttenmeister (WDR), Jan Krusch (WDR).

GER: Riedel Communications announce that Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) is relying on a media and intercom network based on Riedel technology for the renewal of its technical infrastructure at WDR Filmhaus in Cologne. The Riedel solution offered by system integrator Studio Hamburg Media Consult International (MCI) GmbH came out on top in a public tender thanks to its efficiency, flexibility,
and future-proof design.

Situated in Cologne’s city center, Filmhaus is the journalistic and technical heart of WDR. The existing Filmhaus facility is undergoing a thorough refurbishment that will adapt the building to the current and future requirements of media production. The project will include office and conference areas, as well
as editorial, studio, and recording rooms for cross-media production.

“Our partnership with Riedel has already proved its worth in countless projects,” said Maximilian Below, Managing Director of Studio Hamburg MCI. “With the company’s Artist intercom and MediorNet HorizoN, we are relying on proven quality and innovation for the renewal of the technical infrastructure in
the WDR Filmhaus.”

The software-defined MediorNet infrastructure with MediorNet HorizoN, MicroN UHD, and MicroN devices not only allows WDR to distribute audio and video signals (baseband and IP) throughout the Filmhaus with flexibility but also provides powerful multiviewing and processing functions. Sustainability and future-proofing are crucial elements of this landmark project, and Riedel’s MediorNet HorizoN hybrid processing platform will play a central role in addressing both goals as WDR undertakes a successful shift toward comprehensive media-over-IP infrastructure within the Filmhaus.

“MediorNet HorizoN ensures that the new Filmhaus infrastructure remains receptive to future technology choices,” said Patrick Mandl, Product Manager Video, Riedel Communications. “With its 128 IP gateways per RU, it acts as a bridge from the SDI world to open ST 2110 environments and gives WDR the opportunity to gradually and cost-effectively integrate innovative IP production complexes over
the coming years.”

For the expansion of the Filmhaus intercom system, WDR will employ Artist-1024 and 1200 Series SmartPanels, which will be integrated into WDR's existing intercom network via trunking. This Artist ecosystem covers all WDR production areas in Cologne’s city center and enables the broadcaster
to communicate across all its premises in Cologne.

“The Filmhaus project represents an exciting milestone for us,” said Marco Kraft, Regional Sales Director DACH, Riedel Communications. “We are delighted to be able to support this renowned broadcaster in realizing its vision of a flexible media infrastructure with MediorNet HorizoN while providing a reliable foundation for its move toward IP-based network solutions.”


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WDR Filmhaus to Implement Riedel Infrastructure