Warsaw’s Roma Musical Theatre relies on RTS intercoms

  • 30 March, 2021


POL: Roma Musical Theatre in Warsaw has long been at the forefront of Poland’s musical theatre scene. The venue regularly invests in the latest equipment to maintain its competitive edge as a technical leader, the latest example being a new audio system - including intercom solutions from RTS, supplied by Polish RTS partner Audio Plus.

The theatre stages one play per season, which is performed every day, often to a packed house. As the most famous musical theatre in the country, the staging of these performances breaks boundaries and sets the direction for professional theatre in Poland. “In order to efficiently produce such spectacular musicals in our theatre, many components are needed, including a failure-free intercom system,” says Wojciech Kępczyński, Artistic Director of Roma Musical Theatre. “A stage manager producing such a large performance does not want to spend his time thinking about communication with an actor or the technology deployed. The system must run smoothly, otherwise the production and the lives of the actors or stage technicians are in danger.”

To achieve this, the Audio Plus team installed an RTS ADAM-M digital matrix, which supports 32 ports using OMNEO*, which integrates the most important communication technologies in the audio industry. It provides communication between the 18 RTS KP-Series keypanels at key locations around the theatre, allowing the stage manager to communicate with everyone who plays any artistic or technical role during a performance. In addition to this, intercoms have been integrated with a variety of other systems at the theatre to ensure smooth operations, including the PA system, front of house, the radio system, stage monitors, the partyline system and the fire alarm.

“Above all, the ideal intercom system should be easy to use and reliable,” explained Tomasz Narloch, Stage Manager of Roma Musical Theatre. “Stable operation and high sound quality, which ensures good communication - these are the most important elements of intercoms.”

The installation process took place while the theatre was closed due to Poland’s COVID-19 lockdown. While this had a positive effect on installing the new system without disrupting any performances, the lack of key personnel on site made configuring the system to the client’s exact requirements a challenge. For example, on the second stage, during the commissioning phase it was discovered that it was worthwhile to connect the intercoms with the partyline system, which is used by "spotters". This was achieved with RTS KP-Series keypanels (KP-4016 and DKP-4016 models) equipped with aux inputs and outputs, enabling independent signals to be routed through the whole intercom network.

Another element appreciated by the theatre is the integration of the intercom with the radio system. Communication with radio sets is available from every point in the whole system. Here, the greatest beneficiary is the operator, who uses a single RTS KP-5032 keypanel instead of many different devices. Roma Theatre can boast one of the most modern and highly effective intercom systems in Poland, with an independent power supply for all key system devices, full separation from other electrical systems and fiber optic connections.

“The intercom from RTS is reliable and allows us to work as we want to,” reflected Narloch. “The most important advantages are the ease of use and the great programming options. We can adapt to any requirement of a performance or director’s vision. This system is comprehensive and can be adapted to new needs at any time.”

“Roma Musical Theatre is ready to meet even the most demanding decisions of the directors and more,” added Kępczyński. “The biggest challenge when it comes to running the show is an efficient intercom system. We have good, flawless communication on all lines, so we have no problems in terms of communication.”

*OMNEO onboard: OMNEO is an architectural approach for connecting devices over IP to exchange information, including audio content and device control. It is built upon multiple technologies, including IP and open public standards, to support the technologies of today - such as Audinate’s Dante and AES70 - while evolving with those of tomorrow. 


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Warsaw’s Roma Musical Theatre relies on RTS intercoms