VSN Wired Digital Event Returns

  • 30 March, 2021


ESP: The Broadcast, Media and Entertainment software company VSN has announced its next virtual event, renamed VSN Wired: Spotlight due to its bet for a more delineated, interactive and dynamic keynote format. The event will take place on April 27th at 09:30 GMT and 18:00 GMT in English and 16:30 GMT in Spanish. 

In the spotlight of VSN's Solutions news 

After the success of the two previous editions of VSN Wired as an alternative to the usual physical meetings of the industry, the company returns to the virtual format to present its latest solution innovations and offer various exclusive services to the visitors. 

VSN has turned this time to a more synthetic and dynamic Wired format in consideration of the avalanche of events, conferences and virtual meetings that characterized 2020 and most likely 2021 as well. This time, the event will be in keynote format, where the different solutions and corporate news will be presented accompanied by short demos, interviews and real use cases.  

Regarding solutions, VSN will introduce several new features in its Media Planning solution, which is becoming more and more popular and has evolved a lot in the last months, particularly in terms of non-linear programming, advertising and content monetization, model flexibility and integration capabilities.  

On the other hand, the Media Preservation solution also presents several new features in terms of dynamic metadata, content monitoring and customization. Finally, Media Production and Media Delivery also have new features regarding one of the most demanded trends in the market in 2021, remote production. 

VSN's technology, always ready with just a couple of clicks 

At a business level and due to the renewed importance of flexibility in Broadcast environments, VSN will also present new possibilities in terms of contracting and deployment models, with special emphasis on the Cloud and SaaS offerings. 

"2020 was a complicated year at many levels for everyone, but we kept our usual commitment with our partners, clients and customers to guarantee the continuity of their activity, managing to implement remote solutions in tight timescales in many cases, adapting quickly" commented Jordi Utiel, VSN's CEO. "Now is the time to take a step forward and facilitate that continuity also at a business level, making our plans and deployments more flexible so that they adapt better than ever to their needs and activity". 

Considering the strong international character of the company, online content and actions have long been a key element in its regular activity and a highly appreciated resource by clients, partners and all kinds of profiles in the industry. VSN Wired: Spotlight is framed within other digital resources of the company available throughout the year, such as the on-demand platform VSN Play, the public resources available on its website - with multiple case studies, white papers and webinars - or its exclusive mailings to subscribers.  

Free registration to VSNWired: Spotlight for any of the sessions on April 27th (English: 09:30 and 18:00 GMT, Spanish: 16:30 GMT) is already available through their website.


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VSN Wired Digital Event Returns