VSN & Teleantioquia - a decade of collaboration

  • 15 March, 2022


ESP: Teleantioquia, the leading local TV channel of the Colombian region of Antioquia, renewed its trust in VSN after more than a decade of collaboration. Since its first project in 2010, the network has progressively implemented VSN products into their workflows. With the latest incorporations, VSN's systems form an end-to-end integrated solution that manages Teleantioquia's entire media lifecycle: from media planning and content production, including broadcasting operations and ending with content catalog and storage.

The core of this solution is the VSNExplorer suite, which oversees all the smart content catalog and storage simultaneously as is integrated with the rest of VSN's systems working in the channel. Thanks to VSNExplorer PAM and VSN NewsConnect modules, Teleantioquia's professionals manage all the production and newsroom workflows on a single interface.

On the other hand, VSNCrea oversees Media Planning. The VSN's BMS (Broadcast Management System) allows scheduling the channel's content visually and straightforwardly. The system integrates with VSNExplorer MAM to generate the correspondent assets and define the parameters for content catalog.

This end-to-end solution is completed with the channel in a box, VSNOne TV, the broadcast automation system, VSNMulticom, and the studio automation system, VSNLivecom, which manage all the broadcasting workflows. Finally, the monitoring software, VSNBroadrec, integrated with VSNExplorer MAM, generates a file for each hour of the broadcast content of Teleantioquia to assure a copy for legal compliance and broadcast monitoring purposes. Therefore, Teleantioquia benefits from an end-to-end integrated solution with VSN's products managing all media operations. If you want to discover in detail the advantages and improvements that this installation brought to the daily activity of Teleantioquia, the complete Success Story is already available for download at VSN's website.

"During these years, VSN's solutions proof its capacity to orchestrate the workflows of Teleantioquia in an automated and efficient way. Users receive their tasks according to their roles and the permissions assigned. They are in charge of processing the contents with agility and speed, optimizing their time and the operations of their colleagues." Julian Esteban Jiménez Ortiz, Post-Production and Media management professional and Julian Castaño Ortega, Post-Production Tech.

"We're proud to have Teleantioquia's trust for more than ten years. The end-to-end solution deployed on this channel shows once again how VSN has an answer for all media lifecycle challenges. We hope this successful collaboration will continue in the future; therefore, we will give our best to keep solving all our clients needs". Roberto Duif, Americas Sales Director of VSN.


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VSN & Teleantioquia - a decade of collaboration