VSN Showcasing at IBC2022

  • 17 August, 2022


ESP: VSN, a leading provider in media solutions for the broadcast industry, announces that it will be showcasing its range of remote and collaborative working solutions designed to facilitate the full management of media catalogues, from storage to planning to playout - at IBC2022 in Hall 8, Meeting Rooms MS16 and MS17. VSN will also be present on Booth 8.B73, alongside other companies that have been recently acquired by Aspire Software. On both stands, VSN will demonstrate the evolution of VSNExplorer MAM, with its improved copyright and permissions capabilities for content segments, together with its BMS, VSNCrea, and its extended monetization options.

As a veteran IBC attendee, VSN has decided to alter its approach to IBC2022, forgoing its usual stand in order to meet with clients and partners on a more intimate basis - in direct response to feedback received over the last two years. This new meeting format will allow VSN to offer more in-depth and tailored demos to both existing and potential clients. VSN will also welcome visitors to drop in the booth that it will share with other companies of Aspire Software, where they will be able to discover all the recent product updates.

The first point of focus for VSN at IBC2022 will be communicating the advancements they have made in VSNExplorer MAM - stressing particularly the enhanced copyright management abilities developed within the latest release. Whilst search, pre-visualization and management of specific segments within individual assets have been available for some time, these new advances allow for the specific blocking of an element within that asset - with the block adjusting the capacity for editing, distribution or publication based on associated permissions. This allows broadcasters to maintain much tighter and more efficient control of their rights management - for instance, in cases when permissions for a certain sporting event are withdrawn, but said footage from that sporting event has been used in wider news and documentary content stored throughout the broadcaster’s catalogue, which now needs to be eliminated. The flagging of copyright elements within content allows for automated updating of the full catalogue as permissions change, thus providing a far more efficient, comprehensive and reliable way of protecting broadcasters from potential legal/compliance issues.

The second point of focus at IBC2022 will be improvements made in VSNCrea. This Broadcast Management System (BMS) allows for clear and easy programming of both linear and non-linear content, using an intuitive but highly customisable modular approach which also integrates with other VSN units to facilitate automated coordination across the whole chain.

Responding to increasing need in the market, the content monetization and advertising management aspects of VSNCrea have now been significantly enhanced, with the most notable development being the ability to automate recognition of elements within content - such as brand logos or product mentions. This allows for rate calculation and monetisation options to be applied also to advertising elements inside the content - such as those of commercial graphic insertions or mentions of a brand by a host. The full process of rate calculation becomes automated, thus maximizing the ad revenue that a channel can achieve, whilst minimising the effort associated with regulating it.

Users of VSNCrea are also granted more flexibility than ever in the way they use the software, through the integration of a metadata rules editor (initially introduced within VSNExplorer MAM for NAB 2022). With this, users can edit and manage metadata fields using simple programming language, thus fully customizing the way the BMS can be used according to an organisation’s need or workflow.

In addition, greater levels of automation and streamlined workflows increase the speed and efficiency with which a range of tasks can be achieved. For instance, when scheduling commercials in specific advertising spaces (defined by the user according to a number of criteria), the insertion can automatically be repeated throughout the schedule, with a range of exclusion and inclusion rules available to ensure that advertising is not placed in a way that clashes - for instance, back-to-back advertising of two products in the same market sector.

These additions all contribute to VSN’s ongoing mission to provide holistic, joined-up, end-to-end broadcast solutions, from catalogue through exchange and delivery, incorporating a range of planning and production tools. Their cloud-based and SaaS options democratise access to industry-leading broadcast tools - including VSNExplorer MAM, VSNExplorer PAM and VSNCrea, allowing broadcasters comprehensive and collaborative methods for the management, automation and monetisation of content.

Speaking of their upcoming attendance, Ricardo Q. Denise, Head of Marketing of VSN said: “We are excited about our return to IBC2022, and hope to use the opportunity of our new meeting-based setup to develop closer working relationships with our clients, both existing and potential. We feel this better reflects our company ethos, which is about maximising the customer-specific focus of our products (through customisation) and providing ongoing technical support, whilst still developing a product that is broad in its capabilities, intuitive and easy to adopt without extensive training”. 

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VSN Showcasing at IBC2022