VSN Highlights for NAB Show 2023

  • 23 March, 2023


ESP: VSN will showcase the new SaaS Cloud offer of VSNCrea at NAB Show 2023. The company will be at Booth N.1229 in North Hall, presenting the new cloud service VSNCrea Cloud. With this, VSN adapts all its Broadcast Management System functionalities to the advantages of a cloud installation. In addition, visitors will get to know the recent integration advances of VSNExplorer with Woody’s content ingest platform, IN2IT, and the capacities of automated catalog using AI included in VSN’s MAM system.

VSNCrea Cloud advantages at NAB Show 2023
VSNCrea takes the definitive leap to the cloud at NAB Show 2023 with the launch of its cloud service, VSNCrea Cloud. Thanks to this SaaS cloud service, VSN's clients will be able to enjoy all the functionalities of this content and advertising scheduling system, taking advantage of the flexibility of the SaaS model, the lower investment in infrastructure thanks to the cloud and an unprecedented speed in the implementation of the service. All this with commercial plans from €990/month that VSN will present to visitors at its booth at NAB Show 2023.

"For us, the cloud has long since ceased to be a promise of the future to become a reality. The new VSNCrea Cloud service will allow our customers to enjoy an advanced scheduling system like VSNCrea together with all the best of cloud installation. In other words, they will not have to commit to long-term investments thanks to the SaaS model, nor will they have to worry about the infrastructure, since in this cloud service VSN is the one who provides it", commented Roberto Pascual, VSN's Global Sales Director.

VSNExplorer advances on ingest at NAB Show 2023
For the VSNExplorer suite, VSN will showcase the new integration capabilities of its MAM system with Woody Technologies' IN2IT ingest system. Thanks to this collaboration, visitors will be able to combine in their workflows the use of an intuitive, flexible and easy-to-use ingest system with all the archive, catalog, production and content distribution capabilities of a state-of-the-art MAM system such as VSNExplorer.

VSN will be present at Booth N.1229 in the North Hall of NAB 2023 with the companies that are members of Aspire Group's Broadcast & Media vertical. Thanks to the collaboration between the portfolio firms and the industry knowledge shared between them, VSN has more resources than ever to continue offering the best media solutions to its customers.

"We are delighted to participate one more year at NAB Show 2023 and to be able to show the full potential of our solutions. We are aware that the challenges of the industry mean that our customers are demanding tools that are increasingly flexible, intuitive and easy to install. Our solutions have advanced a lot in these terms and we are looking forward to opening the doors of this relevant event to show the work that the company's team has developed during these months", commented Ricardo Quintanilla, VSN's Head of Marketing.

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VSN Highlights for NAB Show 2023