VoiceInteraction Showcasing at ISE 2023

  • 27 January, 2023


ESP: VoiceInteraction is a product company dedicated to AI-Driven Speech Processing Technologies. Their platforms are flexible, reliable and ensure full compliance with regulatory stipulations. A trusted provider for the Broadcast & Media sector, VoiceInteraction offers Automatic Closed Captioning, Transcription Automation and Broadcast Compliance solutions. Since VoiceInteraction's presence in Broadcast trade shows is consolidated, having just received two Best of Show Awards at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, participating in Integrated Systems Europe is a great opportunity to showcase platforms geared towards a broader market.

As experts in speech-to-text automation, VoiceInteraction has developed Calligraphus, a platform tailored to the needs of Public Administration and enterprises of any sector or size that require producing documents from captured audio or video. VoiceInteraction will be exhibiting at ISE 2023 in booth 5F750, presenting their market-benchmark platforms.

Calligraphus is an AI-driven platform for Administrative Modernization: automating document production with ease, confidence, and security. This multipurpose platform generates automatic transcriptions, centralizing team editing workflows and integrating the entire process. Record an audio or video file, set the automatic transcription in the target language, format and edit, index and store the original files and the resulting documents. The platforms handles live capture and recording, encoded video from livestreams, and offers multiple export formats such as .DOCX, .XML or .SRT.

VoiceInteraction are also presenting their Live Closed Captioning solution, Audimus.Media for events, webinars or zoom call integration. This platform contributes with automatic live speech transcriptions to closed caption encoders, thus enabling a cost-effective and accurate live captioning workflow. Latest product updates include encoded videos with side-car synchronized captions, now made available to be imported into non-linear video editors.

VoiceInteraction's offline Transcription Automation platform, Audimus.Server, automates the process of subtitling videos, by generating .SRT files or directly burning the CCs onto the files. It automatically transcribes, translates, capitalizes, denormalizes and punctuates spoken contents. Now with an integrated editor for reviewing and formatting the results, the final subtitles are then ready for export as side-car caption files, embedded into video files as in-frame captioning, multiplexed as captioning streams, or burnt as image overlays.

VoiceInteraction platforms operate from a web dashboard, integrating with ease into pre-existing infrastructures and workflows through an API - thus providing optimal conditions for hardware and software integrations. ISE is as an excellent opportunity for networking and forming fruitful collaborations: VoiceInteraction welcome potential integrators to learn more about becoming a VoiceInteraction partner.

As a global company, VoiceInteraction currently supports over 35 languages. Recent additions include Modern Standard Arabic, English with an Australian and Singapore accent, Malay, Korean and Hindi. This allows VoiceInteraction to build a portfolio with over 600 clients worldwide, as they continue working towards providing excellence in automated speech processing technologies for an array of business areas.

For more information please visit: voiceinteraction.ai/ise


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VoiceInteraction Showcasing at ISE 2023