VoiceInteraction releases the new and updated version of its Media Monitoring System - Broadcast Edition

  • 13 May, 2021


PRT: VoiceInteraction has introduced the new 6.6 update for its Media Monitoring System - Broadcast Edition. A long-term 24/7 HD capture and recording solution, specifically engineered for live content visualization and control. The Broadcast market was witness to the release of the fully-equipped MMS-BE platform, complete with innovative features such as: 

  • An integrated ‘Multiviewer’, for multiple market locations, gathered on the same page; 
  • A seamless and continuous 24/7 ‘Video Timeline’, with faster VOD navigation, for media clipping and exporting purposes; 
  • A customizable ‘Alert Center’, that provides a cohesive view of the relevant situations to be on the lookout for; 
  • The introduction of ‘Monitoring Profiles’ for all closed captions, LKFS, and image/video quality; 
  • Monitor TS parameters, with improved ‘TS Analytics’; 
  • LKFS Monitoring’, for every channel within the incoming signal; 
  • Multi-language closed captioning ‘Monitoring and Extraction’; 
  • A RESTful API for third-party workflow integration. 

The system is configured to work around-the-clock, monitoring not only what happens within any Broadcaster’s channel or network, but also what other market players are doing. The platform is able to record, monitor, flag, analyze and react to everything that is happening on the TV Broadcaster’s market. 

Custom-designed, multi-browser, and responsive web dashboards were built on top of a powerful API. Employees will also interact with customized views, focused on maximizing their performance and response to day-to-day tasks. 

Guaranteeing that the Broadcast QoS is equipped with state-of-the-art analysis and real-time fault detection. While executing MMS-BE, expect a continuous and proactive analysis for any deviation from regulatory protocol, with the possibility of confirmation of any broadcast error, directly in-app. 

A powerful tool for a wide variety of departments, inside any TV station. Expect synchronized navigation within the captured channel feeds, providing a comparative view of all the concurrent channels. This feature represents the ability to observe trends, steep increases, or major crashes in viewership. 

The best cost-effective solution is now available for desktop, iOS, and android. VoiceInteraction believes that true synergy is only possible when efforts combine: Engineering, Production, News, Programming, Sales, Traffic, and Management - all departments speaking the same language. Get everybody on board

“The variety of solutions in a single product and the possibility of integration and cooperation between all departments of the broadcaster made us choose MMS - BE instead of other similar software on the market.”, said Edcley Araujo, Technology Director for TV Record Rio de Janeiro, one of the main Broadcaster’s Group in Brazil. 

For more information on Media Monitoring System - Broadcast Edition, please contact: info@voiceinteraction.pt 


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VoiceInteraction releases the new and updated version of its Media Monitoring System - Broadcast Edition