VidOvation and Celona Unleash the Power of Private Wireless for Large-Scale Facilities and Venues

  • 20 October, 2023


Using VidOvation Bonded Cellular Technology, Celona's 5G LANs Combine With Carrier LTE/5G
to Enhance Wireless Performance and Reliability.

USA: VidOvation announces it has partnered with Celona, an innovator and pioneer of enterprise private wireless systems, to deliver large venues and facilities new levels of wireless performance, connectivity, and coverage that enable a myriad of innovative applications and use cases - from automated entry access to improved indoor public cellular connectivity.

The private wireless solution combines VidOvation's bonded cellular technology with Celona's 5G LAN system utilizing shared cellular spectrum. This streamlines critical operational bottlenecks by overcoming long-standing performance, mobility, and coverage issues associated with conventional wireless technology. The solution solves coverage gaps, erratic performance, and overutilization, which have long inhibited large-scale facilities, stadiums, and entertainment venues from improving the experience of fans, visitors, and vendors.

Using Celona's private 5G LAN technology that leverages new private cellular spectrum within the 3.55
to 3.5 GHz (band 48
) with VidOvation's bonded cellular, customers can now dramatically improve the coverage, performance, and reliability of their wireless infrastructure across a much greater area
at a lower cost than conventional alternatives.

"Reliable and deterministic wireless connectivity is no longer negotiable for many venues and organizations," said Jim Jachetta, Executive Vice President and CTO at VidOvation.
"Wi-Fi was never engineered for large indoor or outdoor spaces. We see private 4G/5G as
a game changer in these environments and much better suited for network-dependent applications, which are now the norm. As an authorized Celona solution provider, we can help organizations future-proof their networks with private 5G today, ensuring enhanced connectivity for their staff, guests, devices, and mission-critical projects."

VidOvation is reselling Celona's entire turnkey private 5G LAN system, an all-in-one solution that seamlessly integrates private LTE/CBRS into existing enterprise L2/L3 networks.
Building on VidOvation's bonded cellular technology, using multiple cellular modems to combine 4G, LTE, and 5G to boost connectivity, the joint solution ensures that when carrier networks become overwhelmed, bonded cellular users automatically switch to private LTE/CBRS with dedicated bandwidth.

In addition to providing lower latency than standard traditional Wi-Fi networks, with more than 10 times
the coverage and up to four times the speed, Celona's 5G LAN technology uses SIM authentication for enhanced security, thereby addressing common Wi-Fi pain points related to interference, bandwidth,
and security.

Celona's 5G LAN system is a fully integrated wireless solution that can be deployed, much like a Wi-Fi LAN, in a matter of hours. 4G or 5G cellular access points connect directly to existing enterprise LAN cabling and are mounted where coverage is needed. The all-inclusive solution includes 4G/5G indoor or outdoor access points, edge software, cloud-based orchestration, and SIM or eSIMs for device connectivity.
Even when legacy devices already deployed at a facility lack native support for private LTE, VidOvation can help bridge the gap, integrating third-party devices with Peplink routers to ensure seamless connectivity
to 5G networks.

"Private wireless is no longer a nice to have for business-critical operations that require deterministic wireless connectivity and performance," said Rob Mustarde, VP of Global Sales at Celona.
"We look forward to working with VidOvation, a leading solution provider in this space, to simplify
and expand implementation of this forward-looking wireless connectivity model."

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VidOvation and Celona Unleash the Power of Private Wireless for Large-Scale Facilities and Venues