Videon reinvents live video streaming with LiveEdge

  • 07 September, 2021


USA: Videon, a leader in edge computing at the point of video origin, has announced the launch of LiveEdge®, a premium platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution that adds feature enhancements, customization options, and intelligent automation to Videon’s video compute platform. With LiveEdge, users can bridge the gap between cloud and on premise devices to create tightly integrated custom orchestrations. This reduces video streaming complexity, latency, and cloud video processing costs, while delivering higher quality and reliability.

LiveEdge powers EdgeCaster, Videon’s Qualcomm technology-based video compute platform. The LiveEdge suite of functions enables users to rapidly build transformative live video experiences by working with pre-packaged modules, or by taking advantage of an easy-to-use developer kit to create their own custom and unique functions. LiveEdge launches with LiveEdge Streaming, a next-generation edge compute-powered streaming solution, and LiveEdge Compute, which enables developers to create custom functionality using Python or Docker.

For over a decade, video workflows have been based on an encoder providing RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) streams to the cloud where they are re-encoded and re-packaged ahead of distribution to viewers. The on premise encoder has traditionally been isolated from the cloud, creating quality, reliability, and management problems. LiveEdge revolutionizes this legacy approach by connecting the cloud to the on premise environment and moving processing-intensive, time-laden, and costly cloud functions to the point of video creation.

LiveEdge and the EdgeCaster video compute platform enable broadcasters and content creators to create deeper audience engagement. The solution creates the functionality and flexibility needed to increase the number of cameras and feeds to meet growing demand for additional personalized content experiences at scale, unlocking new content monetization opportunities. Working closely with its partner ecosystem, Videon’s standards-based technology is integrated with industry-leading solutions including Akamai MSL4, AWS Mediastore, AWS IVS, and Fastly Origin Shield. With more than 7,000 devices deployed across 19 countries, Videon already powers thousands of hours of live streaming every day for major broadcasters, top sports leagues, and leading OEMs.

“Videon is simplifying the live video supply chain by removing previously disparate steps to make the live streaming experience better,” says Tricia Iboshi, Chief Executive Officer at Videon. “LiveEdge powers new live video workflows by bringing cloud functions to the point of video origin. It removes traditional broadcast industry processes and equipment that add to latency, overall workflow complexity and costs.”

LiveEdge includes features designed to help media services providers remotely deploy and manage large fleets of customer premise equipment (CPE) to support a wide range of video use cases. These include a built-in webserver, zero-touch provisioning, automated remote management, and monitoring over any IP network. As the lifeblood of Videon’s video compute platform, LiveEdge will continue to add cutting-edge functions and applications to meet users changing video delivery needs.

“Our subscription platform-as-a-service model means that Videon customers are future-proofed to easily implement our latest technology, features, and updates that expand the platform’s functionality and capabilities. This means their audiences can always enjoy live video of the highest quality with ultra-low latency,” Todd Erdley, Founder, President, and Chairperson at Videon says.

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Videon reinvents live video streaming with LiveEdge