Viaccess-Orca Highlights for IBC2023

  • 10 August, 2023


FRA: At IBC2023, Viaccess-Orca will bring to focus the human side of technology to simplify video delivery and monetization for TV operators and service providers, enabling them to overcome the challenges of the evolving media and entertainment industry. VO's data-driven and AI-powered solutions allow service providers to streamline operations while minimizing their carbon footprint, and help viewers find
desired content, ensuring personalized viewing experiences.

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Reducing Complexity with Best-of-Breed TV Solutions

At IBC2023, VO will showcase its state-of-the-art TV platform featuring:

  • An end-to-end, data-driven solution for delivering outstanding viewing experiences. This includes VO's service delivery platform, content protection and multi-DRM, a multiplatform video player, customizable TV apps, business analytics, AI-based targeted TV advertising, FAST, end-to-end monitoring, and AI-based recommendations.
  • Multiscreen TV apps, a unified backend, and innovative security tools for protecting premium content and revenues.
  • Monetization solutions, including VO's award-winning Targeted TV Advertising, enabling operators and service providers to offer a user-driven TV experience and support evolving viewer preferences.

Through end-to-end services and scalable, cloud-native technologies, VO's solutions reduce complexity, simplify deployments, and optimize service management. VO's solutions can be deployed in the cloud,
on-prem, or in a hybrid architecture that is fully automated and future-proof.

VO's AI-Based Targeted TV Advertising Solution.

Augmenting Human Expertise With AI
VO is empowering video service providers to adapt to the evolving TV landscape by using advanced artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and machine learning operations (MLOps) across its product offerings, including the company's TV platform, Secure Video Player, Targeted TV Advertising solution, and Anti-Piracy Services. VO's solutions harness the power of AI to simplify workflows,
reduce workloads, and unlock the full potential of human expertise.
At IBC2023, VO will demo several use cases of AI:

  • Predictive maintenance, showing how VO data scientists have built AI models to anticipate production issues, improving the net promoter score.
  • VO's Anti-Piracy Center, leveraging ML to identify illegal IPTV services over the internet.
  • TV user segmentation, highlighting how data science and big data can be used to improve the monetization of TV services.

Optimizing Energy Efficiency
VO is committed to finding greener ways to stream video. As a member of the NESTED (New vidEo STandards for Enhanced Delivery) project, a united effort to achieve sustainable video streaming over 5G with partners including Orange, Ateme, Enensys Technologies, and IETR, the company has successfully integrated the findings of the NESTED project. At IBC2023, VO will showcase a new green dashboard for video streaming. The VO Player will also be shown embedded with a new live peer-to-peer stack, reducing CDN consumption for video service providers. In addition, VO will highlight an eco-friendly mode for the
VO Player to optimize the end-to-end streaming carbon footprint for a given perceived QoE.

VO's Anti-Piracy Services.

Protecting Premium Live Content
At IBC2023, VO will demonstrate innovative security tools for protecting premium content and revenues. Attendees can see VO's Anti-Piracy Center, a fully customizable set of cybersecurity services for the video content industry that includes dynamic watermarking, protection against CDN leeching, monitoring, breach detection, password sharing, and legal investigation into piracy for both live and on-demand content.
With VO's trusted and proven Anti-Piracy Services, operators can counteract various threats across the content distribution chain, from the service delivery platform to the end-user device. This is particularly crucial for premium live content, such as sports.

Visit Viaccess-Orca at IBC2023, Hall 1, Booth #A51, 15-18 September, at the RAI Amsterdam.

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Viaccess-Orca Highlights for IBC2023