Veset Announces Veset AdWise Release

  • 01 February, 2024


Veset Set to Transform TV Advertising With New Ad-Insertion Platform.

LVA: Veset, developer of Veset Nimbus, the pioneering SaaS platform for broadcasters, media content owners, and service providers, has announced the release of its new, seamless ad-insertion platform,
Veset AdWise.

Veset AdWise is the new in-video advertising solution for live and premium feeds, allowing contextual and relevant advertising to be placed alongside the live feed without directing the viewer away from the main broadcasted content. The innovative solution to traditional ad challenges uses ad-insertion technology built on AWS for dynamic ad integration for a personalised viewing experience where live advertising doesn’t hide the live feed.

Features include:

  • Seamless integration with live streams including linear TV, AVOD, and FAST channels amongst others.
  • Dynamic squeezing technology for ad insertion without disrupting the live broadcasted content feed.
  • Contextual ad placement and increased monetisation prospects.
  • Enhanced viewer experience with the removal of traditional ad breaks.
  • Customisable and flexible features for a range of broadcasting needs.
  • Boosted ad value and revenue due to ads displayed alongside content.

Gatis Gailis, CEO, Veset, has this to say on the release of Veset AdWise: “The industry is changing with unprecedented effect, and as a result, we are seeing extreme changes in consumer habits and data. With ad technology like Veset AdWise, broadcasters and advertisers in the industry can look towards a direct-to-consumer focused future that benefits all evolving elements from linear TV, AVOD, and FAST channels amongst others. The industry might be changing, but ad tech is catching up really fast.”

The revolutionary product is easy to use and can be used for live sports broadcasting, news and live events, entertainment, and TV shows, targeted local advertising, educational and informative content,
and customised ad campaigns, among some of the broadcast opportunities.

You can read more about Veset AdWise here, where you can request a demo to learn more
about the features of the latest product release from Veset.

Veset, a wholly owned subsidiary of PLAY, Inc., is on a mission to enable digital transformation in the
media and entertainment industry. Its cloud playout solutions are transforming the way media content is distributed, enabling broadcasters to originate and manage professional linear channels entirely in the cloud. With cloud-based features comparable to any on-premise playout solution, Veset is enabling broadcasters
to deliver more channels to more platforms than ever before without sacrificing on quality.
Headquartered in Latvia, Europe, Veset operates globally and has customers in over 20 countries.

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Veset Announces Veset AdWise Release