Velocix unveils new cloud-native video analytics platform

  • 21 October, 2021


UK: Market-leading video streaming and ad tech supplier Velocix has announced the launch of a cloud-native video analytics platform, called Velocix Analytics, which provides deeper insights into streaming efficiency, audience behaviour, and quality of experience.

Velocix’s new server-side analytics platform collects data at each step in the content delivery workflow by tapping into CDNs, origin servers, video recording and ad insertion platforms. With a broader range of data, Velocix Analytics provides pay TV providers with the actionable intelligence needed to elevate service quality, plan for growth, and protect against service impacting events.

Jim Brickmeier pictured, CPO/CMO at Velocix, said: “Data is the essential element that can transform a good video streaming business into a great one. Velocix Analytics reveals a more complete set of data in near real-time, providing video streaming operators with instant access to the information they need to fine tune their services and thrive in a highly competitive marketplace.”

Velocix Analytics is a cloud-native application which can provide a unified perspective that spans public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises content delivery architectures, as well as complex businesses consisting of multiple operating companies. Its flexible interface provides users with access to essential dashboards and reports from anywhere, on PCs, smart phones, and tablets.

Multi-tenant capabilities further streamline operations and reporting by addressing the needs of different business stakeholders. The application leverages hyperscale cloud technology which supports massively parallel data requirements, and this delivers virtually unlimited scaling for even the largest video streaming deployments.

In addition to providing in-depth strategic insights for engineering and marketing teams, Velocix Analytics supports day-to-day operational tasks such as capacity planning to ensure the video platform is scaled to meet traffic demand for major live events, as well as future subscriber growth.

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Velocix unveils new cloud-native video analytics platform