USSI Global to Bring Power of AI and Digital Out-of-Home Analytics to Broadcasters

  • 27 July, 2021


USA: USSI Global has created a research and development program that will bring audience analytics to its broadcast customers delivering NEXTGENTV services. The essential technology component will be developed through its new partnership with AdMobilize, one of the world’s leading audience intelligence companies. USSI Global’s development platform will leverage the native IP backbone of ATSC 3.0, the broadcast industry’s next-generation over-the-air TV standard, to support real-time analytics during live NEXTGENTV broadcasts using AdMobilize software.

AdMobilize powers digital out-of-home (DOOH) networks worldwide with real-time, fully anonymous, AI-driven software. The USSI Global and AdMobilize partnership was established in January to implement computer vision-based audience analytics across USSI Global’s digital signage projects. USSI Global is a turnkey project management specialist for large DOOH projects worldwide, including multi-site retail networks and outdoor digital menu boards.

“USSI Global views the AdMobilize partnership as a way to drive tighter integration and new business opportunities between USSI Global’s core broadcast and networking, digital signage, and electronic business and consumer solutions,” said Anthony Morelli, COO, USSI Global pictured.

“The intrinsic IP networking capabilities of the ATSC 3.0 standard can support the two-way interactivity requirements for customized and personalized content like targeted advertising - which itself relies on in-depth audience analytics. While these real-time audience intelligence strategies are common in digital signage and DOOH, broadcasters have been limited to embedded analytics platforms that provide only basic audience information.”

USSI Global will provide options to broadcasters that build AdMobilize analytics within live over-the-air broadcasts. AdMobilize measures audience impressions, giving valuable audience experience feedback on any new NEXTGENTV features, content or advertising. This will additionally complement the native audience measurement capabilities of the ATSC 3.0 standard.

"The growing demand for audience intelligence requires new thinking and new applications,” said Rodolfo Saccoman CEO, AdMobilize. “AdMobilize is pleased to partner with USSI Global to improve customer communication. Together we will deliver anonymous audience impressions, demographics, and engagement data at scale and in real-time. This will bring improved value to the broadcasting industry and foster greater trust with viewers."

Public venues which show over-the-air content would represent the first phase of the rollout. The workflow would be similar to a DOOH or digital signage network that dynamically pulls media from a content management system, but instead using workflow components and systems familiar to broadcasters.

“The ATSC 3.0 standard is essentially a content delivery model that merges broadcast and broadband, and that broadband element opens a lane for broadcasters to deliver a mix of interactive and multimedia services previously unavailable to them,” said Ted Korte, Vice President of Programs and Innovation Lab, USSI Global pictured.

“Through our partnership with AdMobilize and the power of AI, we can gather a richer set of viewer analytics by combining what the viewer is watching, or experiencing, along with their emotional reaction to what they were watching. Broadcasters can then dynamically adjust advertising content and various features to optimize viewer engagement based on content-correlated audience analytics.”

NEXTGENTV continues to gain momentum through an acceleration of US rollouts. As many as 62 market rollouts are expected through Q1 2022, bringing the benefits of NEXTGENTV including advanced 4K UHD video, immersive surround sound audio and streamlined media capabilities to more consumers around the country. International interest in the standard also continues to rise, with NEXTGENTV signals now available to approximately 70 percent of South Korean viewers.

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USSI Global to Bring Power of AI and Digital Out-of-Home Analytics to Broadcasters