TVU Networks partners with Dubai Media Inc.

  • 08 November, 2021


USA: TVU Networks, the market and technology leader in cloud and IP-based live video solutions, announced a partnership with Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) to provide exclusive footage from the six-month-long global festival, Expo Dubai 2020, which began October 1st. Held every five years in different cities, World Expo’s share groundbreaking inventions and technology designed to address common challenges facing humanity.

In conjunction with DMI, TVU Networks is sourcing video footage from the region to anyone around the world interested in the event. Two live video sources from Dubai TV are being offered to TVU MediaSource and TVU Grid customers, and footage from the festival is available to all TVU Search subscribers for free. TVU Networks is offering its TVU One 4K HDR 5G mobile transmitters to visitors for rent or purchase as well as solutions within its cloud-based video production ecosystem: TVU Partyline, TVU Producer, TVU Server and TVU Grid.

Access to the sign-up page for live feeds here.

“This is an incredible opportunity for TVU,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. “This is a high-profile, cultural event that showcases a country’s most compelling developments. We’re proud to stand alongside such known innovators. Live feeds enabled by our cloud-based solutions are helping broadcasters bring the excitement of this exhibition to their viewers and the world.”

TVU MediaSource is a cloud-based platform that lets users access live source video clips to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively create their own news stories. The AI-based TVU Search uses speech, text, and facial recognition to help storytellers locate the precise video needed - down to the very frame - in seconds rather than hours manually searching for feeds.

TVU Producer enables multi-camera and full featured live cloud production to traditional SDI infrastructures, as well as streaming to social media channels, websites and web streaming platforms. TVU Partyline’s real-time collaboration and engagement platform enables remote crews, talent, and fans to interact with synchronized HD video and audio. TVU Grid is used by news agencies and media organizations around the world to switch, route and distribute live video feeds over commodity internet.

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TVU Networks partners with Dubai Media Inc.