TV Cultura Brazil transforms workflows with EditShare and CIS Group

  • 27 October, 2023


All-in-one storage and asset management package for leading Brazilian broadcaster.

USA: EditShare®, the technology leader that enables storytellers to create and manage collaborative media workflows, has provided an EFS 300 storage node to TV Cultura. The system was negotiated, supported and installed by EditShare’s Brazilian partner, CIS Group.

TV Cultura is a very highly regarded public television network, based in São Paulo in Brazil. Part of the Fundação Padre Anchieta (Father Anchieta Foundation) and funded by the regional government, it focuses on educational and cultural subjects, but also produces and broadcasts sport and entertainment.

The production requirements of a new programme demanded collaborative workflows, with multiple users accessing the same project for editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. TV Cultura needed to provide comprehensive and secure production asset management, along with supporting direct editing
on the storage device.

The EditShare EFS 300 is a compact, all-in-one storage appliance that provides high capacity storage -
128 TB in this installation - with transparent access for Windows, MacOS and Linux clients, and integrated production asset management software. In a 2U cabinet it holds 16 enterprise-grade disk drives,
fully protected through RAID-6, and hot-swappable from the front. Storage can be increased at any time,
either by fitting larger-capacity drives or by adding further nodes.

“We needed to create a new environment, where we could organize and categorize the media as well as provide secure storage,” said Nelson Faria, Director of Engineering at TV Cultura. “The key challenge was for a large production team to be able to work on the same project simultaneously: editors, colorists, graphics and producers.

“The EditShare solution allows us to connect workstations and storage on a single network,” Faria said. “Users are still working in the software they are familiar with, but now have access to the organized material they need to finish the programmes quickly and accurately.”

Felipe Andrade, VP of Sales for EditShare’s Brazilian channel partner CIS Group, added: “The application at TV Cultura is a perfect match for the EditShare design philosophy. We were able to demonstrate clearly how simple it is to integrate EFS storage, FLOW asset management and third-party tools like Premiere Pro. And, of course, we have a support team based in São Paulo so we were able to quickly configure and install the storage device, and provide training and guidance on workflows.”

"We are delighted to partner with CIS Group to provide TV Cultura with a storage and asset management solution that will enable them to collaborate more effectively and continue to produce high-quality content," commented Said Bacho, Chief Revenue Officer at EditShare. "CIS Group has a deep understanding of the Brazilian market and has been instrumental in helping us to provide TV Cultura with the best possible solution. This partnership underscores our commitment to the Latin American market, ensuring that our innovative solutions continue to empower media professionals in this key region."

The new storage and asset management system at TV Cultura went online in August 2023.

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TV Cultura Brazil transforms workflows with EditShare and CIS Group