The PSA advances global broadcasting with Quicklink Remote Commentary

  • 27 February, 2024


UK/USA: The Professional Squash Association (PSA) has embraced the Quicklink Remote Commentary solution into its global squash broadcasting productions. Utilizing Quicklink’s cutting-edge solutions,
PSA can deliver enhanced coverage of tournaments worldwide and reduce travel emissions while maintaining high-production quality.

SQUASHTV, the broadcasting arm of PSA, broadcasts over 960 matches across the year, including the
PSA World Tour, the pinnacle of world squash. The PSA and SQUASHTV required a solution for facilitating remote commentary that elevates broadcasts of smaller tournaments to the high levels of quality
that SQUASHTV’s audience has come to expect.

“SQUASHTV’s approach to streaming events that can often go unseen to the wider audience,
allows us to use the Quicklink technology to enhance our overall product,” said Dan Dobby,
SQUASHTV Production Manager.

The Quicklink Remote Commentary solution allows SQUASHTV to easily implement high-quality audio from remote commentators into their broadcasts. Quicklink Remote Commentary provides a user-friendly, web-based interface for commentators who can view a real-time, high-quality feed of the event, while seamlessly commentating from any location. With minimal equipment required beyond a laptop, headset and internet connection, commentators of all technical skill levels can contribute high-quality audio.

Dan added: “We have had commentators join from diverse locations like Malaysia, New Zealand,
United States and United Kingdom with no loss of audio quality or sync issues”.

Utilizing Quicklink Cre8, the next-generation video production platform, SQUASHTV can effortlessly integrate the audio of the remote commentators into a single-camera feed and live stream to PSA’s
public channels, including YouTube and SQUASHTV.

The acquired remote production capabilities proved valuable for tournaments where full on-site production crews were impractical. Previously unstreamed events saw enhanced visibility and polished broadcasts rivalling top in-person productions. Sponsors and fans alike gained exposure to high-quality coverage
of tournaments they may have previously missed.

Highlights of the Squash on Fire Open 2024, implementing Quicklink Remote Commentary.

Through implementing Quicklink Remote Commentary across its broadcast productions, the PSA have created more consistent viewing experiences worldwide. Squash fans globally can enjoy the insights of the PSA’s premier commentary team at all levels of the World and Challenger Tours. In addition, the Quicklink Remote Commentary solution has enabled PSA to reduce the amount of carbon emissions emitted by reducing travel requirements for their roster of commentators.

“PSA are conscious of global emissions, so having the ability to enhance our product without flying more kit, crew & commentary to the event allows our quality commentary team to be present at events we don’t usually attend,” added Dan. “Using Quicklink Remote Commentary also allows the event to have an enhanced product to showcase to sponsors & patrons, which will help raise the awareness of the event
further than previously achieved”.

The Quicklink solutions were supplied to The Professional Squash Association through Auriga Networks, an innovative technologies specialist with over 15 years’ experience in IP video distribution over both Satellite and Terrestrial Platforms.

The PSA will continue to utilize the Quicklink Remote Commentary and Quicklink Cre8 solutions for the 2023-2024 squash season and beyond. The Quicklink solutions will continue to play an integral role in
the PSA’s broadcasting as remote productions become increasingly prevalent worldwide.

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The PSA advances global broadcasting with Quicklink Remote Commentary