The Malaysian Cricket Association engages Magnifi to Capture Highlights

  • 17 June, 2024


MYS: The Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA), the governing body for the sport in the country,
will use Magnifi, the AI-powered highlight generation platform, for its cricket coverage.

As part of this engagement, the Malaysian Cricket Association will leverage Magnifi to capture cricket highlights for social media platforms. This process utilises cricket-specific metatags, such as a ‘boundary’, ‘six’, ‘sweep’, or a ‘spin’ ball. Content can be refined through additional filters and The MCA can generate highly specific clips, such as sweeps from a certain batsman or spins from only right-handed bowlers. Clips will then be distributed to The MCA’s social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn, complete with its brand identity and graphics.

Malaysia has been traditionally dominated by other sports, such as badminton, sepak takraw, and basketball. The MCA’s use of Magnifi will help grow cricket viewership in the country, expand its reach on social media, and advance the popularity of cricket among different demographics. The MCA will leverage Magnifi for both men and women’s cricket. As a member of the Asian Cricket Council and an associate member of the International Cricket Council, it will also use Magnifi for coverage of its international matches.

Vinayak Shrivastava, CEO of Magnifi, said: “The MCA proves just how democratic and inclusive AI like Magnifi can be. With our solution, The MCA will highlight female cricket players, who have traditionally been overlooked by mainstream coverage. It will also spotlight how Malaysian cricket teams can thrive
on the world stage. These two factors bode well for the continued success of the sport in Malaysia.”

About Magnifi by Videoverse
Magnifi with its award-winning technology has found an extremely strong product-market fit in serving enterprises across numerous industries - OTT players, broadcasters, sports clubs and leagues,
marketing agencies, e-gaming platforms, schools, colleges and more.

Magnifi is building the next-generation video editing ecosystem addressing a broad range of use cases
in the post-production process. The company specialises in generating instant key moments and
auto short-sized videos enabling content rights holders to increase their presence and viewership.

Magnifi works with leading rights holders including Indian Premier League, Women’s Premier League, Vietnam Basketball Association, Yamo Media, CricClubs, SuperSport Schools,
Professional Squash Association and leading sports broadcasters globally.

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The Malaysian Cricket Association engages Magnifi to Capture Highlights