The Handball Federation of Portugal chooses Pixellot

  • 30 June, 2023


Now, All Games of Portugal’s Top Men’s and Women’s Leagues Can Be Seen Live via the New Viewing Platform.

ISL: Pixellot, the leading provider of AI-automated sports video and analytics solutions, and the Handball Federation of Portugal (FPA) have entered a partnership whereby all the games of the top leagues will now be live-streamed thanks to the installment of Pixellot systems at venues nationwide.

In addition to Genius Sports, who provide the statistics for the league, Pixellot also provided the FPA with a new OTT channel. The new viewing platform includes live and on-demand access to all matches, highlights, analytics, and a content management platform to integrate ads from sponsors and advertisers. Teams will have access to match reports and a video exchange for 26 first division teams across Portugal, including 14 men’s teams and 12 women’s teams.

As the governing body of handball in Portugal, the FPA is responsible for promoting and developing handball nationally, organizing competitions, and representing the country in international handball events. Handball is the second most popular sport in Portugal with over two million people following the European U-20 Handball Championship last year. The premier women's handball league in Portugal, established in 1978, comprises 12 teams, who until now, had never been broadcast live.

"We are excited to work with the FPA and bring our technology to the handball fans in Portugal, and beyond," said Alon Werber, CEO of Pixellot. "Our automated production solution was designed to considerably lower the cost of broadcasting live sporting events, and we are sure that Portuguese handball will see great development in the near future as games become more accessible to fans, anytime, anywhere.”

"We look forward to bringing hundreds of our handball matches to a wider audience following our collaboration with Pixellot," said Bernardo Novo, Vice President of FPA. "With Pixellot's end-to-end solution, we are sure that we can bring the excitement to many new viewers, raise the profile of the sport in our country and grow our fanbase considerably."

The live streams of the handball matches can be accessed through the FPA's website and social media platforms, as well as using their dedicated viewing app.

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The Handball Federation of Portugal chooses Pixellot