The cloud approach for your IT management

  • 12 July, 2021


Best practices for your cloud monitoring strategy
- Anugraha Benjamin, Marketing Analyst, ManageEngine

With the advent of cloud technologies, there has been a major shift in the way organizations handle infrastructure operations and service delivery. The increasing shift towards cloud-based and hybrid cloud ecosystems for business operations has made it necessary for organizations to employ cloud monitoring tools that monitor the performance and efficiency of these cloud-hosted services. This blog details some of the best practices that can be considered when implementing a cloud monitoring plan. We also have a webinar for you that will highlight these and much more.

Implementing the right cloud monitoring plan

Monitoring any IT component, from physical servers to cloud services to end-user-facing applications, requires deep visibility. With visibility, many insights come to the surface to reveal underlying performance issues that would have otherwise gone unnoticed and announced themselves through compromised performance and business downtime.

Monitor the essential elements

The first thing is to ensure you are monitoring all the essential elements of your IT ecosystem, especially fundamentals such as server infrastructure (physical, virtual, or cloud) and network and application performance. This can be achieved with a comprehensive monitoring solution that can provide rich insights about performance issues and also facilitate capacity planning through historical trend analysis. 

Monitor cloud and on-premises infrastructure from a single dashboard

As modern organizations slowly shift towards a cloud-only or hybrid cloud ecosystem, you should ensure your cloud monitoring tool offers a single dashboard to collect and correlate data from physical, virtual, and cloud elements. This flexibility will make the shift easy and also support legacy applications and physical servers, thereby covering your entire IT ecosystem and making the cloud monitoring tool a worthwhile investment.

Automate routine corrective tasks

It is always better to automate routine corrective tasks so you can focus on situations that need human intervention. Automation is a key part of the DevOps process, and proper automation can help you improve productivity in the cloud. 

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The cloud approach for your IT management