Telycam Partners with DVNEST

  • 04 January, 2024


Distribution partnership announced to propel global reach of PTZ camera solutions.

CHN: Telycam, an R&D based UHD & FHD PTZ camera provider renowned for its dedication to research and development in elevating broadcast and ProAV video quality, stability, and flexibility, announces its new exclusive distribution partnership in South Korea with DVNEST, a prominent video technology provider focuses on consulting, education, design and sales of professional video solutions.

Established in 2002, DVNEST is a trailblazer in next-generation video technology. It proudly serves as the exclusive distributor in South Korea for industry giants such as NewTek, AJA, SNS, Sonnet, Kiloview and more. Focusing on consulting, education, design, and sales within the domestic video market, DVNEST is committed to enhancing work environments by collaboratively envisioning better directions with users. Guided by the principle of excelling through technical expertise, DVNEST has unwaveringly supported users for over two decades, providing a wide array of products and services to major broadcasters, production companies, schools, government offices, and businesses across South Korea.

What sets this partnership apart is the deliberate effort invested in reaching a consensus that resonates with the vision and values of both companies. Through intensive discussions and collaborative brainstorming sessions, DVNEST and TELYCAM discovered the common ground where their strengths converged. This consensus is the linchpin of a partnership that promises to deliver innovative solutions
by synergizing DVNEST‘s prowess in video equipment technology with Telycam‘s high-performance
PTZ cameras.

As we unveil this collaboration, we invite our clients and partners to witness the unfolding of a shared vision that heralds a new era of possibilities, where innovation and excellence are the cornerstones of
our united journey. Stay tuned for the exciting ventures that will emanate from the convergence
of DVNEST and TELYCAM - a fusion of minds, spaces, and limitless potential.

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Telycam Partners with DVNEST