Telos Alliance Unveils New Software Delivery Platform

  • 27 November, 2023


For Telos® VXs, Omnia® Forza, and Axia® Altus.

AP-3000 platform combines the benefits of virtualized software with the simplicity of hardware.

USA: Telos Alliance®, trusted global leader in broadcast audio for more than three decades,
has announced AP-3000, a brand-new platform that makes the installation and configuration of several
of the company’s virtualized products as easy to deploy as traditional proprietary hardware.

Customers wishing to install a Telos® VXs virtual VoIP phone system, Omnia® Forza software audio processor, or Axia® Altus virtual mixing console can not only do so on their own COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) server but now have the option of purchasing these products pre-installed and pre-configured
on the AP-3000 hardware platform.

“We recognize that many of our customers understand and appreciate the myriad benefits
of virtualization,” said John Schur, Founder, Minnetonka Audio & President, TV Solutions.
“With AP-3000, we’ve done all of the heavy technical lifting and bridged the gap between the simplicity of traditional proprietary hardware and the advantages of full-scale virtualization; it’s the best of both worlds.”

Each AP-3000 will arrive properly pre-configured and ready to “plug and play” upon delivery, simplifying the deployment process for customers and providing a quick and painless path to the benefits of virtualization, and is currently available through our Telos, Omnia, and Axia channel partners.

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Telos Alliance Unveils New Software Delivery Platform