Telos Alliance introduces OmniaTools™ Podcast Audio Processing Software

  • 03 November, 2021


USA: Telos Alliance® - trusted global leader in broadcast audio for more than three decades - has introduced OmniaTools™ Podcast Audio Processing Software - an enterprise-class toolset that gives podcasters everything they need to deliver listenable audio with a consistently prominent sound.

As more audio is produced remotely and consumed on-demand, the challenge of consistent audio levels is becoming even greater. In fact, it is the number-one complaint of podcast listeners. OmniaTools allows podcasters to automatically manage loudness levels and create a unique signature sound on podcasts and other on-demand content, helping them stand out, brand, and keep audiences engaged. This enterprise-class Windows Service makes it easy to deliver consistent loudness for all audio files, while improving the quality of the audio.

“If you care about your podcast content getting through to the listener, you should care about sound quality. Poor-quality sound is fatiguing and creates the risk of listeners tuning out. Like a dirty windshield, compromised audio quality obscures the sonic landscape. Details get lost, speech can be more difficult to comprehend, and content can suffer as a result,” says Marty Sacks, Executive VP of Sales, Support, and Marketing at Telos Alliance. “OmniaTools makes podcast and other on-demand audio more listenable, less fatiguing, and more consistent.”

OmniaTools does all the work delivering a consistent signature sound automatically without the need for human intervention. It’s designed to be simple enough for anyone to use. Simply drop your audio files into a watch folder, and OmniaTools creates a new, improved version, saving producers time by processing large numbers of audio files quickly and automatically.

OmniaTools complies with North American and International Loudness control standards. It includes APTO® loudness processing, file-based Omnia.9 processing, hot folder or API-driven processing, file-type auto-detect, and clearly labeled, proven presets for out-of-the-box functionality.

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Telos Alliance introduces OmniaTools™ Podcast Audio Processing Software