Telestream Unveils Bold Plans for Cloud Platform at IBC2022

  • 06 September, 2022


Combination of the platform with the Telestream Media Framework brings unique advantages to enterprises seeking to harness the benefits of cloud media processing

USA: With its acquisition of, Telestream® has been hard at work bringing a combined service to market that will revolutionize cloud media processing workflows for Media & Entertainment businesses of all sizes. The combination of the platform with the Telestream Media Framework, the underlying technology stack for nearly all Telestream products including Vantage, brings together the most mature and scalable cloud-based media processing service trusted by many of the world’s largest M&E brands with Telestream’s powerful suite of video tools and nearly twenty-five years of media processing and workflow orchestration experience.

“Together as one platform, and Telestream deliver the most complete and unparalleled cloud media processing service in market,” says Jeff Malkin, VP Cloud Revenue at Telestream. “Having processed billions of videos in the cloud, we have a decade of experience building and deploying high-volume workflows on our massively scalable, multi-cloud platform now significantly improved by integrating Telestream’s unique video processing engines already utilized by broadcasters, cable companies and video content providers throughout the world. By combining the best in cloud-based media processing with the same powerful and trusted engines that have been driving on-prem video workflows for years, customers can reap the efficiencies, scale and ease of cloud-based deployments while utilizing the most advanced set of video processing capabilities in market.”

While offers a robust suite of cloud-based processing capabilities, with the Telestream Media Framework, can now better support a larger variety of broadcast and post-production workflows in the cloud with new capabilities for processing advanced codecs, transcriptions, more caption / subtitle formats and a more robust automated QC service.

“With the combined technology, we can move further upstream in the customer video supply chain to encompass more edit, broadcast and post-production workflows that can now be migrated to the cloud,” says Malkin.

As the engineering team continually adds new features, customers only need to modify their XML or JSON job payload to take advantage of the latest and greatest enhancements. “There is no longer a need to manage multiple APIs or hardware or different versions of software,” says Malkin. “Customers integrate the API once into their existing content management platforms and future-proof their video processing pipelines. Running a cloud-native service and combining that with Telestream’s unparalleled IP creates a platform that is truly unique and powerful.”

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Telestream Unveils Bold Plans for Cloud Platform at IBC2022